What Do You Do When Someone On Your Team Screws Up?

What do you do when someone on your team screws up?  Okay, it is an age old question since people have been working together.  For many people their answer is – fire them!  Their reasoning is there will be someone else who is ready willing and able to do the job and they will know not to screw up!  Difficult to find fault with that thought process.  Well let’s wait a minute.  Before the screw up this person was in this position because of their solid performance, work ethic, education, and more.  One big screw up and now they are useless?  Another person might say well a lesson learned.  If instead this screw up incident is taken as a real serious warning – do you think the person who screwed up will be a better trained and more devoted employee to the organization?  How much money, time and effort does it take to find a great employee?  So here is the million dollar question – What would you do if you were in charge of all the Secret Service Teams and now you have this

‘problem’ that happened the other day in the White House?

How would you handle this one?