Is a Crystal Ball Needed for Business Success in The New Year?

You may be the CEO of a large organization with thousands of employees, a midsize business CEO with fifty employees, a small business owner with a few staff members, or a solopreneur in your own private practice. Would you want to look into the crystal ball for a prediction on how your business and your life will turn out in the coming year?

Do you need a crystal ball for your success in business and in life in the New Year?

What exactly would you want to see or to know if you were able to look into the crystal ball? Okay it is the first day back to work in the New Year and this is too heavy for you?

Let’s try this one, if today were December 31, 2012, and you were looking back at the entire year of 2012, what exactly would you be seeing and be excited and proud of yourself for accomplishing? Write this all down, one item or a hundred, write them down.

Now as you review this list, which are the absolute top five items, that when you accomplish in 2012, you will be ecstatic about? Now write each of these down in their own column. Read these aloud one at a time and focus completely on these accomplishments you have done. Do not distract yourself with any ‘how will I get this done thoughts’. Immerse yourself in your pride of accomplishment as you know you did great work this year.

Here we go now, and looking into the crystal ball it is so clear. You will accomplish these five items if you do this one thing – You must take the first step.

Laugh if you wish. This is no joking matter. The difference between the majority, who do not achieve what they set out to achieve in the beginning of the year, and those who do achieve what they set out to achieve at the beginning of the year is having a clear picture of what you are setting out to accomplish and taking the first step.

Is there more to do? Of course! Will you ever accomplish anything if you do not take the first step? No, never. It just doesn’t work that way.

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