Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?

Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?The other evening at a small networking event a few of us met some people who were at the same venue yet not in our networking group. Of course, since this was all about connecting and networking, we had them join our little group and engaged in conversation with them and welcomed them into our fold.

One of the people went to great lengths to explain to me after hearing about my work as a speaker, trainer and coach with a main focus on leadership, effective communication and emotional intelligence in the workplace, why Human Resources (HR) is the most valuable part of any company and severely under rated in their function. Yes, you heard that right – the most valuable part of any company.

Right now, stop and take a moment to comment in the comment section – what is the most valuable group in your company – where you work?

The week before I was at Baltusrol Golf Club – yes that Baltusrol, which by the way is a gem of a golf course and full of history! I was in conversation with one of the golfers in our foursome about my work of adding value to individuals, teams, divisions and entire companies by introducing cultural change, values based leadership and more. He is a very senior lawyer at a Fortune 100 company.

During our discussion he mentioned how HR almost raises their own level of importance by introducing a variety of measurements and evaluation and processes which really restricts people who run groups inside the company from being leaders and bringing in outside speakers and trainers with fresh thinking and outside view points. He has witnessed over the last decade and more how HR has forced themselves into much more than necessary to the point where they have raised their level of importance without really adding any tangible value. Yes, you heard that right – they have raised their level of importance without really adding any tangible value.

Now here is the thing – HR has a function – and full disclosure – HR is critical to me and my business as often it is the HR group which places me on their list of coaches to select from or retain as their Executive Coach for the company and brings me in to conduct training and workshops on Effective Personal Leadership, Effective Personal Productivity and much, much more.

If you have not done so already, please go to the comments area and note – what is the most valuable group in your company – where you work?

Here is the answer to the question – Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?

The Group Of People Who Are Working At The Company! 

The People Who Work At The Company are the MOST VALUABLE GROUP!

Everyone must be on the same team! No one group should attempt to be known as the most important group in the company. It is a team effort. This is why CULTURE MATTERS. Everyone must understand and recognize from the most senior levels in the company to the most entry level person in the company every single person contributes to the success or failure of the business in some way.

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