Does It Really Have To Be This Difficult?

PackagingIs it just me or have you noticed the way items are packaged and wrapped in stores, in delivery and post purchase? Huh? What are you talking about Mitch? “It is just you, I guess!”

Okay, okay, sorry about that, allow me to walk down a path and then get to my point.

A number of years ago after purchasing a few items at a local store where my purchases included a sport jacket, jeans, a sweater, a few ties and a couple of quality business shirts. Here at home as the items were unpacked there was this white plastic deal stuck to the sport jacket. It was the shoplifting, make the alarm go off, plastic item still attached to the jacket. The store alarm did not go off when leaving the store. An hour later with pliers, screwdrivers and hammers all around the floor, the plastic deal was removed and someone needed a shower. If this happened to me again, ever, right back to the store and let them deal with it.

Have you been to Staples or any other store selling ink cartridges for your printer? Each package is sealed in some type of invention where it is encased in a huge plastic case. Again the intention is to catch a shoplifter. The reality is, the small ink cartridge is turned into this huge unwieldy package to try to handle inside the store while purchasing other items. Wonder how this impacts the environment utilizing all of this heavy plastic for this purpose?

Cheerios. When my kids were younger we purchased and served Cheerios cereal. At some point the inner plastic bag became impossible to open. Not certain when this took place. The fact is all of a sudden one needed a scissor or a sharp knife and in either case careful handling was still necessary otherwise the blade would be deflected off the inner plastic wrapping.

The mailer wrapping utilized for your online purchases comes in many different flavors. There is one type which is amazing! You ordered an item and as you open the mailer wrapping the inside filler of shredded who knows what types of materials begins to spray all over your floor, your desk or your kitchen counter depending upon where you are standing.

Feel free to comment on any experiences you have had similar to these or on some of your own.

The point. The point of these anecdotes is when crafting your business messaging, your website, your marketing materials, get right to the point. What do you offer? What is the value you bring to the customer or client? Don’t make us jump through hoops to find out this information.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Crush The Competition! Really?

Business CoachRecently while attending an event where there were a variety of top notch professional speakers, one specific speaker struck a specific feeling in me and others. This speaker was essentially ranting about the urgency to take action immediately with his program so you will crush the competition. He might have even said something like, “crush them, step on their throats, stomp on their throats and don’t let up.” Virtually everyone in the audience was standing on their feet and cheering! Somehow my throat kept the nausea from producing a projectile vomit which would have painted the backs of the folks for three or four rows in front of me.

Was this really happening? It is 2013 right? What was missing here? Maybe this is not the right conference. Or maybe the speaker went to the wrong venue? No, there was his name right there on the program guide. He was finishing up and people were rushing to the back of the room to fill out the paperwork and purchase his program.

My view of my competition in the field of Business Consulting and Executive Coaching is if someone is good, if they have values, if they are trained and certified similar to me, if they are trustworthy and we know each other, if there is a client who is not a good fit for me, they get a referral from me. If there are articles or books which come across my desk which they might not know about, they are informed about them by me. It does not help anyone for a coach to have problems in their business, or for me to run my business with the intent to “crush” them.

What are we really saying about ourselves and our business if our business model is to first crush the competition?

In our communities, or in the online communities we belong to, it should be our intent and purpose to be gracious and to add value. It is better for the community of coaches to be more successful and bright coaches working and helping others. The coaches who do not operate in this manner create ill will for all of the rest of the coaching community.

This is not so easy to overcome. It is better to know your competition, embrace your competition, and assist your competition.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Have You Created Your Own Home Depot Experience?

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If you have ever gone into a Home Depot, pretty much anywhere, the experience is the same.

There are almost endless rows of items and the ceilings are high as are the stacks of items all the way up to the ceiling.  The ability to find some items is relatively easy.  However, if you need specific advice or something a bit unique or out of the ordinary, you better go during off hours or good luck finding someone to help you out.  The people who know what they need to purchase have typically ordered online, by fax or just know where to go in the store.  They are able to walk the store with the huge carts, dollies and other assorted methods of transporting huge material purchases.

Here is the thing, if you are about to get married, you speak with other people who are already married.  If you are about to have children, you speak with people who have children.  If you are going to purchase a car, you speak with people who have bought a car.

Would you pretty much agree so far with this logic?

  • Who are you speaking with when it comes to your business?

  • Who are you speaking with when you are the CEO and everyone around you has an agenda, where is the real advice going to come from?

Let’s see where the conversation takes us – comment below.

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