Feeling down? How do you show up each day?

Feeling DownYour state of mind and your mood reflect to each person that you meet, and come in touch with, what you are about and who you are. This is not just in networking settings, it is everyone you meet, anywhere, and your family. It is how you are received when you present a workshop; it is how you are felt when you speak to an audience; it is how you are felt when you give someone a hug. How do you show up each day?

You might be saying, “But Mitch, you don’t understand…”

You are correct. Mitch does not understand your excuses. Want to know why?

Check out this YouTube link: Nick Vujicic

Does this have you thinking a bit differently about your personal troubles, your personal situation, your personal obstacles that you need to overcome? Do these now seem a bit insignificant?

Why do we get stuck? It is partially how we live our lives through habitual behaviors.

We get comfortable with our sameness. The regular routine is familiar to us. We do not want to live in discomfort. We oppose being challenged. When we are challenged after all, we may face failure. No one wants to fail.

Unless. Unless we understand that to fail is how we actually continue on a road toward success. Consider for a moment Thomas Edison. It is a well known fact Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. It took him ten thousand times to discover how to create a light bulb which actually worked. He failed nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times! When Edison was asked how he handled failing so many times, he responded, “I do not think I failed at anything, I learned nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine ways how not to make a light bulb.”

Here are a few items for you to consider. Watch the video link again. Consider the statement from Thomas Edison. Then ask yourself, “How am I showing up today?”

Whatever it takes, utilizing positive affirmations, thinking of Nick Vujicic or considering people like Thomas Edison, no one has achieved their goal and their success without failing first, and sometimes multiple times. If you feel you need more to get you out of your personal slump, work with a coach to bring you into your most effective and positive state of performance.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.