Guaranteed Success Tip – Prepare and Take the First Step

How do you feel inside:

  • When you are about to step onstage before a speech?
  • When you are about to present a proposal for a large contract?
  • When you say “I Do”?
  • When you hold your child in your arms for the first time?
  • When you start a new business?
  • When you begin a new position running the company?
  • When you hire your first team member?

What does the first step feel like for you?

  • Does the first step feel like you are about to climb a huge mountain you have never climbed before and you are all alone?
  • Does the first step feel like you are walking along on a familiar path and you are enjoying the walk as you are familiar with the terrain and enjoying the scenery?
  • Does the first step feel like you are about to step off of a high cliff?

This is really where it all happens isn’t it? How you face your feelings toward that first step may determine if you even take that first step or when you will take it. Almost every speaker will say they still feel a bit nervous before each talk they are about to give. They have learned this will always happen. It is natural, and then they move past it and get out there to deliver their talk.

CEO’s currently move from one company to another more often than ever in business history. Each of them feels a bit overwhelmed at first, this is kept within and sometimes they are extremely overwhelmed. They recognize this feeling comes with the job. They move through the feeling to build their team, create their vision and run the company.

In Major League Baseball, even a Cy Young Award winning pitcher feels butterflies before the first pitch of the first game to start the next baseball season. They recognize what these feelings are and they know they are still prepared. They have trained and are ready to perform. They move past these feelings and perform at the highest level they are capable of that day.

In each of these situations, the ability to have an experienced, professional coach alongside has helped everyone in each case move through these feelings in an almost effortless process. No one has to go through self doubt or the fear of their abilities alone.
This is the difference between a high achieving successful person and the others. You prepare for your success and you overcome your doubts. Are you ready?

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