Plan Now to Navigate Your Way to Success in The Future

Do you run into successful people often? People who you view as successful in their business and in their life? Do you engage in a conversation with them? Do you at least have the ability to ask them, “What do you view as the top three things you consistently do that you attribute to your success?”

If you are not able to meet with these people and ask these questions you are able to read about them in a variety of magazines or books. One of the keys to successful people in their business and their life is their ability, their habit to have a plan. The plan may change and it may change often, but there is a plan to start with and a process to update it and stay on track.

This is the time of year to be in the middle of creating your plan for next year. A good way to remember this is Halloween. The saying attached to Halloween is “Trick or Treat?” Well if you want to be ‘tricked’ by your business or your life, don’t have a plan. On the other hand if you want a ‘treat’ and to be successful in business and in life make planning one of your most important activities to work on and then update your plan at least one time a month throughout the year, and more often if necessary.

One key point which is often an error leaders of companies of every size have made is the financial plan. The financial plan is a part of the planning process. The plan for your business and life is a document of vision and direction which includes a variety of sections including your financial plan. Those who choose not to engage in this process are severely handicapping their ability to have phenomenal success in their business and their life.

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