A Fly in Your Business Success Ointment?

During my morning work yesterday there were persistent and consistent flies buzzing around me. Some landing on me and others just buzzing by without permission, like the fly-by without permission by Tom Cruise in his Navy F-14 Fighter Jet in the 1986 classic movie Top Gun.

No fly and companion flies were going to take me off my course toward business success. Not today. Not ever.

There was work to be done and my planned schedule for the morning was not going to be put at risk. Once the situation was resolved, calm was restored and my planned action items were acted upon. For a moment, a thought crossed my mind.

A fly in the ointment.

The use of the portion of the phrase – ‘that is the fly in the ointment’ – From Wikipedia online –

“In English, the phrase fly in the ointment is an idiomatic expression for a drawback, especially one that was not at first apparent, e.g.

We had a cookstove, beans, and plates; the fly in the ointment was the lack of a can opener.

The likely source is a phrase in the King James Bible.”

What are the daily distractions which are the flies in your ointment?

Do you permit these to take you off course, or are you able to either immediately remove the flies from distracting you, or remove yourself to another environment in order to effectively continue in your productive work?

Are there specific tools or resources which you lack that actually cause a breakdown in your system or product?

Are there tools which would create a better workflow or assist your team into operating more efficiently?

Possibly these are flies in your ointment?

Consider examining your work habits and calendar with your coach. You are seeking to locate areas of distraction which are preventing you from being your best at what you do. Your specific system or product is created and delivered by what methods? Explore with your business strategist your methods in place compared to other potential solutions. You are seeking a consistent method which may be built upon easily without the need to recreate the wheel.

Speak with your team along with your consultant and determine where certain tools properly utilized may increase the efficiency of your operations. Listen for areas where time is the enemy and systems may provide the solution.

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