Do You Have Grit?

Do you have grit?No matter where you live in the world this one fact is indisputable. The end of January is right upon us all next week.

Is this fact shocking to you? Are you asking yourself – where did this month go?

If you made some New Year’s Resolutions – how are they going? There is a saying: how you do anything is how you do everything. 

My guess is how you handled your January, how you handled your New Year’s Resolutions is how you are going to handle each month for the rest of this year and every goal setting or promise you make to yourself as you move forward.

What will it take for this not to be true? GRIT. That is right: GRIT.

Grit means to me how you describe a person who has the resolve, the determination, the strength of character to move through anything to get where they want to go or to achieve something difficult. This is what it takes to move through a list of goals toward one or more objectives.

Now this means the goals still have to be stated in the proper S.M.A.R.T. way. The progress or not toward meeting the goals must still be tracked. It still means the goals must actually be meaningful toward meeting one or more objectives (think – what is my Why?).

Grit means seeking out people who will hold you accountable and meeting or at least communicating with them regularly in a scheduled format. This is to hold you accountable – the missing ingredient for the majority of people who fail to achieve anything through their haphazard resolution or goal setting process.

The question remains for you to answer – Do You Have Grit?

Let’s see if you will get going now and get started –

  1. Write out your top three objectives you want to achieve this year for your personal life (3) and in your business or career (3).
  1. What exactly will you do starting next week toward achieving these?
  1. List out five people you will share this information with.
  1. Ask a person to be your accountability partner. A person who will agree to hold you accountable by meeting with you or communicating with you on a regularly scheduled basis.

Now show your grit. Follow these steps and you will be ready to grit it out this year.

If you are one of those scoffing at this process it is okay. I still love you. You just have no grit!

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Setting Goals Is A Waste of Time! Right?

By now the majority of people, yes, each and every one of you, have sat through one or more goal setting seminars or workshops. 

You know the drill. There will be slides about S.M.A.R.T. goals and why this is very important. 

There will be a discussion about not giving up on your dreams and having great big goals. Someone might even ask the group, “How Do You Eat An Elephant?”  Answer – “One bite at a time.”   This may be true – what if you don’t eat meat! Seriously this is not meant to make fun of this important information.

All of our goals should be S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Here is the rub, with all of the articles and all of the books and all of the courses, why is goal setting looked at as a chore and worse yet as something that does not work and is a waste of time by so many people?  Why do so many goals which are set each year in December or January when revisited at some point are found to not be attained?

The reason is we all want to keep our goals to ourselves!

Setting Goals - Waste of Time?It is like we have a huge Do Not Enter sign up and no one is allowed to see our goals.

Now the goals we set should be for our career, our business and for our personal life and our families.  Why on earth do we feel these are private matters?

The best way to insure your goals are met is to create a method of accountability.

This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. You might have one or two people at work or on your advisory board for your business each share their goals with each other and have a regular meeting to hold each other accountable.  Unfortunately, this meeting will begin to take last place when a few weeks or months go by and then no one will be held accountable to each other.

You might have a close friend or family member set goals and you set goals and each of you agree to hold each other accountable.  Sad to say what often happens is each person will accept the excuses of the other person instead of pressing for the plan with each other due to the family relationship or friendship. Goal setting and attaining goals is not easy.

It works but it must be worked.

The absolute best way to set goals, achieve goals and move toward your bigger goals is to work with an experienced coach and a group which is guided through the process of goal setting, keeping accountable and continually communicating with the coach and others about your progress.

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What Comes Next After Setting Goals? Taking Action!

Setting Smart GoalsNow that we have all set our goals for 2016 and we all know how to set goals right?

SMART goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Tangible

Now the more difficult work begins. This is taking action, implementation and execution.

The absolute and most important item is to start – actually take that very first step. For many people this never happens. They are locked out by their fears. Real or imagined this is the biggest reason people never act on their dreams, even when they have a great idea or concept, their fear holds them back from even getting started.

A funny thing happens though once you take that first step and then the second step. You feel ‘Big Mo’ which is this feeling of Momentum. Once you get moving you don’t want to stop!

This is not to say that every single day will be a walk in the park! By staying in touch with your ‘why’ you are able to push through the obstacles, the brief failures and the changes in planning and action steps which will invariably take place. It is one of the most critical steps to take is to define your why.

You might be working on a specific project alone or with a team, or running your own business, but you cannot permit distractions to enter into the mix. There is a need to stay completely focused once you know your why and your goals to achieve. Now it is time to take action and to implement. Do not allow yourself to become distracted. Do not minimize the effort this will take! Distractions are everywhere – all around us.

The key is to remain completely focused!

It is an excellent idea to create a plan. The question is will you be open to change it? The key is your why, keep your 2016 goals and these remain solidly in front of you. The plan must remain flexible. Once it is clear the plan is not working, then it is time to create a new plan – without delay.

How familiar are you with your lid? Where do you lack a skill or where are you not as good as others? Do you recognize that by not having the awareness of the areas where you have a lid – you are holding back your organization? It is not only that you are leading the charge, you are holding others down who report to you and look to you for guidance and mentorship.

In closing, the way to make certain you are taking action, implementing and executing is to create accountability. You might have a person who will partner with you and become accountability partners with each other. You might participate in a Mastermind Group which adds a component around accountability. Choose an accountability method which works for you and keep this appointment regularly.

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Time To Set 2016 Goals

Setting Goals in 2016If you have not set goals yet for 2016 in December – what exactly are you waiting for?

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”  – Attributed to Albert Einstein

We all know we must set goals for ourselves, our family and in our careers or business. This should never be a once a year activity. In reality we have our why – our big dream or wish. Our goals should be set to help take us toward our why.

My good friend, Paul Martinelli, the President of The John Maxwell Team, recent said to me that – “people who set goals which are for things they know they can do and can achieve – well they have already lost – they have given up!” The point of setting goals is to challenge us to take ourselves on a journey. If we want to tread water everyday for ten hours a day, then we should go do that.

For each goal there must be a timeline and a purpose. Each goal must be consistent with moving us toward our why. Some of the goals may seem almost out of reach and may have you questioning yourself a bit – ‘how am I going to do that one?’.

This is a thought that needs to be erased!

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

Where many of us fall off the wagon on our goal achievement is either not creating an accountability process, or sticking with a plan which isn’t serving us and refusing to change the plan, or both of these!

Another key aspect of goal setting is to revisit our goals regularly throughout the year. For some people or businesses this is done once each quarter. For numerous entrepreneurs, a reality check should be conducted at the end of each month.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. – Confucius

There are so many great books on goal setting and probably a number of not so good ones as well! Let’s recap in this short article the main points.

  • First is always start out the year with goals
  • Know your why – your big dream or idea – and if not – write it out
  • Our goals should challenge us
  • Goals must have a timeline, a purpose
  • We must create a process of accountability
  • Revisit our goals throughout the year and adjust our action steps first

Be Intentional each day – get started with the 7 Day Experiment with John C. Maxwell.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, speaker and business consultant who resides in Stamford, CT.

Where Is Your North Pole?

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

When you Google ‘goal setting’ the return is 27,000,000 results. A fairly significant number! The reality is goal setting does matter. The question for you is – how does this inforation help me? You that is!

Some folks say they are not really into goal setting. Let life happen is their often repeated mantra. Fine for them! Is it possible no one ever shared with them how to set goals and the critical importance of setting a goal?

“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.”

Let’s begin with a sea story – my personal favorite is always a sea story. If we go to a time and place when electronic navigation did not exist. All navigation was executed by utilizing charts, the sun and the stars.

“To Reach a Port, We Must Sail – Sail, not tie at Anchor – Sail, not Drift.”  – Franklin Roosevelt

For most people, even the casual boater, the fact that the True North Pole is not in the same location as The Magnetic North Pole does not matter. For a short trip where you would like to know kinda sorta where north is – so the two north pole locations will not materially make a difference to you in your journey.


However, if you were taking a longer journey for a greater distance, the fact that True North and Magnetic North are not in the same location would have a significant impact on your navigation and potentially your location and timely arrival to your destination.

If one of the tools being utilized is a compass with a free standing Magnetic arrow pointer in order to effectively determine which direction, which course will take you toward your destination. Let’s assume you want to head north. Not a specific location – only head north. You may not be aware of this – the free standing compass is a magnet – it is this magnet which will point general toward the earth’s ‘magnetic north’. There remains a considerable amount of distance between the Magnetic North Pole and the True North Pole.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.”  – Yogi Berra

Let’s now think about how we set goals as opposed to having a big huge dream. A dream remains a dream until we define small achievable goals with a date attached which move us toward our dream. Similar to taking one small step at a time to climb up a long steep staircase, it is worth it to determine small wins along the planned route. By plotting these points along the way we are able to determine if and when course changes are necessary. If our ultimate dream or big goal changes we need to adjust our smaller attainable goals to now move toward this big goal. During this process having someone to speak with to provide accountability, to provide encouragement and to double check if we are on track is invaluable.

This is very similar to goal setting and not finding setting goals to be important. When we take our eye off of where we are, where we want to go and then compare the results to reality – this is how we end up getting lost, confused and potentially nowhere near achieving our goals. When we are working with someone so we have a regular reality check, when we make course corrections, when we adjust our big goals for where we are now in life, all of this combined is how we move ahead and obtain our goals.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, trainer and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.


Just Get One Thing Accomplished

Image courtesy of Idea go /

Image courtesy of Idea go /

It is early January and you cannot miss the blogs, magazine articles, news stories, and advice from those of all walks of life on the “Top Ways To…” insert whatever the particular New Year’s Resolution might be.

A few of the annual resolution topics are as follows:

  • weight loss
  • become more organized
  • save more money
  • stop smoking
  • better fitness and health
  • spend more time with family

Again and again these topics appear on the list as most often selected by the general population to resolve to achieve.  The reality is less than 10% of people ever achieve the resolutions they absolutely intend to!

There are numerous reasons why the failure rate is so high, here are a few:

  • too many resolutions are selected
  • lack of accountability
  • do not create a plan of action
  • fall into the regular routine
  • not keeping the change at top of mind

Here is a suggestion if you identify with this discussion in your business or personal life.

Why not select one specific item you wish to change or goal to obtain?

For example:

  • learn to speak a new language
  • complete a course or training in a skill
  • smile more often

These are examples, you should create your own. By identifying one specific thing to accomplish you will be way ahead of the game.

Next create a time-frame for when you wish to accomplish the goal.  For example: if the goal is to speak a new language, for the majority of people a time frame of one week would be too short a time frame. Therefore the time frame must be a realistic and achievable time frame for you.

Once the time frame is established create smaller steps or goals to accomplish along the way to completing the big goal. Each of these steps should have a time frame for achievement associated with it.

At this point an accountability process needs to be set up. This may be with another person who has a similar goal or with a professional coach. The failure to attach accountability to this process will likely lead to failure in achieving the goal.

Take the opportunity to try these easy steps and follow the process. Have fun along the road to your goal.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.