What is Your First Impression?

The month of February is a month filled with impressions.

What do you think about February? It is a short month, really? This year there are 29 days. One single day less than four other months makes it a short month?

There is the love holiday. What makes St. Valentine’s Day special and successful? This is one of those days some people look forward to all year, and others absolutely despise. Guys, head’s up here, if you are in a relationship start planning now. Dinner reservations, flowers, do something special and be thankful for your relationship.

In the USA there is President’s week, where schools can have time off and families tend to take vacations. The other item which takes place in February is people tend to realize that they put on a few pounds over the December Holidays and they meant well by creating a resolution to workout everyday and diet, but it is not happening and their clothes are tight around certain areas. Celebrating again on Super Bowl Sunday does not help here.

What does all this mean for you and your business?

Everyone creates a first impression. You meet someone new to you and in 20 seconds or less a first impression is made. Someone goes to your website and in 7 seconds or less a first impression is made of you. A thirty second commercial on the Super Bowl Broadcast cost over 3 million dollars. Think first impressions are important? Clearly some people do.

Now build on top of these facts, that everyone has been raised to have certain beliefs and habits. Based upon how they were raised, their culture and religious practices. You must have an awareness of these factors and how you present yourself and your business.

You must have heard this before and it is the absolute truth, “All things being equal, people will conduct business with the people they know, like and trust.”

The first impression you make will either support this statement or pull the rug out from underneath it immediately.

What do you do with this information?

  • First is grooming and clothing. You may not need a brand new wardrobe, but you need to be in clean and pressed clothes always. Your hair and your look must be presentable for the audience you wish to please.
  • Second is your smile. You have the ability to smile. Kindly share it with the world.
  • Third is your mouth. Keep it empty when you are speaking. Nothing will turn someone off more than a mouth full of food, gum, or anything else while you are attempting to speak with them.
  • Fourth is your story. Know the length of attention span of your audience. Therefore, have at your fingertips, meaning you know these cold, your twenty second, one minute,two minute and five minute stories of you and what you do. Some people laugh and say,“I have been a CEO for five years at XYZ, this is absurd, why do I need to worry about this.” My answer is, if you are not Warren Buffett or Jamie Dimon, you better be able to say what your company does and why you matter in a short amount of time. It goes without saying if this matters to big time CEO’s, it matters to everyone.
  • Fifth is the clincher. If you want to be the one who is remembered and who made a great first impression, send a thank you card or a great to meet you card right after an event or meeting someone. You will make the right impression. If you are ready to make the right first impression CLICK HERE to watch a video and send a card for free.

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