Strategy For Growing My Business Last Night

Business Accountant - Networking StrategyMy strategy for growing my business last night was to attend a networking event.  Here is a story I heard about and witnessed first hand. Stephanie is a CPA and is just opening up her own private practice – about three months ago. She has always worked for larger organizations in their accounting or tax departments. When Stephanie learned of the networking event, she knew this was something she needed to do and at the same time she was scared to death of being surrounded by people she did not know.

She decided to call up Nicole who had opened up her own beauty salon in town about two years ago. From what Stephanie heard, Nicole had a great network and her beauty salon was doing well. Stephanie had lost touch with Nicole since she left the larger Beauty Salon to open her own two years ago. The conversation went something like this:

“Hello Nicky’s Beautiful Ladies, how may I help you?”

“Hi, is Nicole there, this is Stephanie”

“Hi, yes, this is Nicole.”

“Hi, Nicole, you might not remember me, I knew you from the Big Old School Beauty Shop.”

“Oh sure sweetie, two color process treatments, highlights, and the bangs in the front and long but neat everywhere else.”

“Yes, Wow.”

“So, what’s new, need an appointment?”

“Oh, no, I was just calling about a meeting tonite at 5 and…..”

“Oh, well, sorry, I am so booked every night until at least 8.”

“But, I thought you run your own business now?”

“I do and the customers want the times from 4 to 8 so I give them what they want, say, I have to run, you take care, come in and try us out some time.”

And Nicole was off the line.

Stephanie was in shock.  Not certain why.

She decided to text her friend Marcia who is a nurse at General Hospital. Just a quick text to see if Marcia would go with her to the networking event. Marcia said she was done at 4 PM and would enjoy catching up with Stephanie. Marcia and Stephanie met and went to the networking event. They secured a table in the corner and enjoyed the free food and beverages and spent over two hours talking and catching up with each other.

What do you see going on in this story? Do you see the missed opportunities staring Stephanie in the face? Do you see the errors in her business networking strategy? Do you see some of yourself in this story?

*Please note personal and business names have been changed to protect their innocence.

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