Do You Know Your Customer’s Habits?

Do you know your customer's habits?Do you know your customer’s habits? All of our customers, regardless of the type of business we are in have habits. The way they investigate, compare, negotiate, purchase, make their payment to name a few. These are all habits of our customers.

Look at coffee for example – the local coffee shop all the way to Starbucks. If you are a real regular, odds are really good that when you walk in the door your order is already being prepared for you to pick it up and make the purchase. You will most likely be greeted by name.

A second example is if you are a regular at a local diner or restaurant, you may be seated at a favorite table where your favorite waiter or waitress serves.

Another example is a clothing store and their tailor. If you regularly purchase from them you have a file with them. If you have an urgent requirement for a suit, a jacket, one or two shirts and ties you will find they will offer to ship these right to where you are located, and remember they will have been tailored for your size and the clothing matched to your style.

These are the type of interactions which only happen when a business owner has taken the time to get to know their customer and the habits of their customers.

This type of interaction based upon a person having an interaction with another person is not so readily available online or in a digital form. In fact more and more marketers agree, that to remain competitive a business must utilize all of the information about their customers that is available.

One of the behaviors I notice with certain clients working with me as their Executive Coach, specifically on their interest in finding a new position, is right before an interview either losing focus on the specific agenda points we discussed or a lack of confidence.

Right before an interview! My offer to them – text me or let’s talk for five minutes right before their interview. What might you offer to your customers – your clients – based upon their behavior which would add even more value to them?

Isn’t this the point? The differentiator in a world where there is so much competition the question becomes – how do you stand out? The answer is to get to know your clients and customers habits and then with this information available to you and your business add more value to your clients and customers. Always add more value.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, speaker and trainer based in Stamford, CT.