The Chains Of Habit

The Chains of Habit“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

What does this statement mean to you?

Please take a moment and in the comments area for this article place a few words.  Would you agree we are all such creatures of habit?

Consider your daily routine for a moment. From the moment you rise up until you rest your body down at night.  What are you routines or habits each day? Some may actually try and say they have none!

Seriously? Hogwash!

You will be let off fairly easy. Rather than delve into your deepest habits this soon – allow me to ask you this question?

When you put on your pants or leggings which foot and leg do you put in first?

My guess is whichever one it is – it is that same one every single time!  Take a moment and write out on a pad of paper your daily routine each day of the week from Monday through Friday. How many items are habits, routines which you blindly follow each day without one second thought? In fact, if you were to consciously attempt to change a few of these habits/routines you might feel uncomfortable for the rest of your day or week.

Now write out in your work that you conduct each day, what habits or routines do you follow each and every day? Start with a few easy ones to record such as what you eat for lunch or where you go to have lunch? Maybe add in who you have lunch with each day?

This example may give you some comfort. A billionaire CEO, who I worked with for a number of years, ordered the same lunch whenever he was in the home office, every single day – Toasted Rye, tuna salad, lettuce, tomato and a half sour pickle.

Every single day it was delivered to his office just like that.

Every one of us are creatures of habit!

What would happen if someone asked you or even better imposed upon you to change these habits or routines? Write out how you would react? How would you feel?

Now what if you are the leader of this company or group, and to improve performance across the board, changes in many processes need to be put into place. How do you think these changes should be introduced and implemented?

Too often when change is brought into a unit or a group or an entire company it is put upon everyone as in shoved down their throat. A more effective approach would be to effectively communicate about the upcoming changes and even better, engage people beforehand for their input into the new process or changes in order to create the new way.

This should be actively requested and actively pursued not by sending out one email requesting input with zero followup or engagement.

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Mitch Tublin is a professional speaker, advanced certified coach and trainer based in Stamford, CT.

Do You Know Your Customer’s Habits?

Do you know your customer's habits?Do you know your customer’s habits? All of our customers, regardless of the type of business we are in have habits. The way they investigate, compare, negotiate, purchase, make their payment to name a few. These are all habits of our customers.

Look at coffee for example – the local coffee shop all the way to Starbucks. If you are a real regular, odds are really good that when you walk in the door your order is already being prepared for you to pick it up and make the purchase. You will most likely be greeted by name.

A second example is if you are a regular at a local diner or restaurant, you may be seated at a favorite table where your favorite waiter or waitress serves.

Another example is a clothing store and their tailor. If you regularly purchase from them you have a file with them. If you have an urgent requirement for a suit, a jacket, one or two shirts and ties you will find they will offer to ship these right to where you are located, and remember they will have been tailored for your size and the clothing matched to your style.

These are the type of interactions which only happen when a business owner has taken the time to get to know their customer and the habits of their customers.

This type of interaction based upon a person having an interaction with another person is not so readily available online or in a digital form. In fact more and more marketers agree, that to remain competitive a business must utilize all of the information about their customers that is available.

One of the behaviors I notice with certain clients working with me as their Executive Coach, specifically on their interest in finding a new position, is right before an interview either losing focus on the specific agenda points we discussed or a lack of confidence.

Right before an interview! My offer to them – text me or let’s talk for five minutes right before their interview. What might you offer to your customers – your clients – based upon their behavior which would add even more value to them?

Isn’t this the point? The differentiator in a world where there is so much competition the question becomes – how do you stand out? The answer is to get to know your clients and customers habits and then with this information available to you and your business add more value to your clients and customers. Always add more value.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, speaker and trainer based in Stamford, CT.

It Is Common Sense; It Is Not Common Practice

outstretched-handTen years ago one of my sons joined me in a few meetings. He was there to witness not participate. His attendance was granted in advance at my request.

On the drive home I asked the question, “So what did you think of the meetings?” Here is what he said to me, “Well I found them to be interesting. I kept waiting to hear something magical and totally off the wall from you. It never happened. I mean tell me if I have this wrong. You basically listen and ask questions. You listen some more and ask more questions. Then when you feel the time is right you offer solutions. The solutions you offer are common sense. Right? I mean like seriously, common sense! Then everyone in the meeting looks at you like you are a genius and they want to know how to do it like that. Then this is where you will follow up and get paid money? Is this right? Is this really what you do?”

My answer, “You are pretty much on target with your assessment. Here is the truth about how this works. People in general are coming from different places in their lives. Today more than ever, people are really focusing on themselves and their business. What may be common sense to you and me – well it may not be common sense to someone else. The other thing we are working on is change. People in general do not like change. It may seem like common sense, but if it will require a change in behavior or a change in a habit it may never stick. The only way to make it stick is going to be through accountability and the incentive to change.”

My son said, “Or a bop on the head!”

My response, “Funny you should say that, even a bop on the head does not always work.”

In fact, it may come as a shock what bop on the head works and which one does not. Think of this one example and there are so many, I should write a book! A man who happens to be a CEO of a large company, enjoys a treat each morning with his coffee. Every single morning the same slice of this well known coffee cake (in NYC anyway).

As you might imagine the coffee cake is made with sugar, sugar, and more sugar, white flour, eggs and who knows what else! After his last physical check up almost a year ago his doctor told him to stop eating these type of foods as his cholesterol numbers did not look good and to reduce his coffee intake as well. His family had some health history and this was more than a precaution with three children, his wife and a few vacation homes there was a lot to live for. Plus as a CEO and a Board member for three other companies there was business to take care of all the time.

Nothing changed – he continued his four cups of coffee in the morning and some days he even had two slices of coffee cake. You would think the medical advice would be the needed bop on the head!

One day he bit into something solid in his coffee cake. He slid the object onto a napkin and it was clearly the clipping of a large toe nail from a person which was in his coffee cake! The CEO never ate coffee cake again! Bop! Do you need a Bop on the head?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Change These Three Habits Now!

Change these three habits nowRight this second stop what you are doing and write out the three most time wasting unproductive habits or behaviors you have – one, two , three – write these three out. Oh right, you don’t have any! Okay then send this request to the three people who are closest to you – relationship wise as in friends or family – and ask them to tell you what these three most time wasting unproductive habits or behaviors you have are.

Read through your list or their list now and what is your response? Agree or disagree?

Side note: Did you know you can change the way you eat? If you want to create the habit of eating and craving healthier foods and snacks have some fresh pieces of carrots, broccoli or cauliflower available and when you have the afternoon munchies eat these items instead of that pack of Nabisco Oreo Cookies. You will find after a short period of time you will crave the healthier snack options.

For each of your time wasting and unproductive habits write out next to the item how and when you will stop doing this and begin to do something else which is time saving and productive instead.

Side note: It is really funny when this conversation happens. The excuse of why the poor habit or behavior cannot be changed right now.

“I am on the road too much for business so there is no time to deal with it right now.” “We are planning a few vacation trips for the summer right now so this habit changing stuff will have to wait.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In actual fact each of these examples are the perfect reason why the habit change should take place exactly then!

A change in environment will allow the triggers which control your habits to accept new habits more readily. Without getting into the Neuroscience of it right here – feel free to check it out as it is a fact. This is why vacation time is the perfect time to change a bad habit.

Here is a thought – feel free to substitute any type of habit or behavior you wish to change – let’s open this up to other areas not only time wasting unproductive habits or behaviors – what else do you have? Maybe something in your personal life?

Follow the same process from the top and see what happens. Let me know how you make out in the comments area.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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High Performance Habits to Create

High Performance Habits to CreateThere are a few times of the year when we see a considerably higher amount of articles on dieting, eating better meals, health consciousness and similar topics. The early part of the year in January and February are one of those times of the year.

For example there might be something such as this:

“Five Tips To Have Your Lost Weight Stay Lost”

TIP #1   –   Keep records of everything you put in your mouth to eat, everyday.

TIP #2   –   Have a consistent sleep schedule as this will help to maintain hormone and blood sugar levels.

TIP #3   –   Workout and Exercise to get your heart rate up every single day.

TIP #4   –   Plan your day in advance so you know when you will workout, when you will eat and what you will eat for meals and snacks.

TIP #5   –   Keep yourself organized as this one step will help you to maintain the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve.

Have you read any of these articles? The tips absolutely are helpful advice for keeping your weight off if that was your goal and you achieved it. It appears to me similar tips as listed would work well for success in your business as well.

This might look something like this:

  • TIP #1

    Ever wonder how some people get so much done each day? Write down every single thing you spend one minute or more on every single day. At the end of each week and each month review this item and the totals of where you are spending your time.
  • TIP #2 

    Each and every night strive to sleep a full six or seven hours or more if you need it. A full night’s rest will permit you to focus on what you need to accomplish each and every day. Try your best to have a set schedule of when you go to bed.
  • TIP #3 

    Every day either go out for a walk, swim or conduct some form of exercise. It is great for your body, and the increased heart rate and blood flow will be refreshing. You will return from this effort with a refreshed sense of ‘ready to go to work’.
  • TIP #4

    Plan your day. Eat properly throughout your day. Have a set schedule each and every day to avoid time consuming activities which were not on the schedule. It is critical to properly nourish yourself throughout the day in order to achieve peak performance all day long.
  • TIP #5 

    Have a method to your madness and get yourself organized and stay organized. This one item will save you more time and effort than any one single tip.

Hope you see the point. The right habits will carry you through everything in life.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Time to Watch How You Spend Your Time

Time ManagementIf you are in business or running your own business, have you shopped in person or online at Staples or Office Depot recently?

They have everything there for you to run a successful business. It is amazing! You are able to buy an iPad, ink for your printer, all models, a chair for your desk, a desk and more. One question though about their stocking practices and inventory. The sales people were not able to direct me to the aisle where they sell more time. No one, not even the manager, was able to tell me the price to buy more time and how they would sell it to me.

The most precious commodity we have is time. Once you use it up you cannot replace it. There is nothing new about this information. Some will say, “Well, we are pulled in different directions because of technology these days.” The reality is yes we all are and that is part of this discussion. However, there have always been distractions to pull time away from you. Consider when a television was first introduced into the home of the average person. People would watch their television for hours and hours. Today there are a variety of technological tools which are pulling time away from us.

Let’s address technology first. Even if you and every single person who reads this article passes this article on to one thousand people each, and they pass this article on to another thousand people, it is doubtful it will be read by anyone who cannot turn off their electronic devices and all means of telephone and internet communication for ten days or more. The world will still be spinning. The ocean waves will still be there. You might not enjoy the experience and you may find it to be uncomfortable. The reality is we have created the habits we choose to continue to support and live with.

How do we create more time? If you are ready to create more time here is the exact formula to follow. Don’t take any shortcuts. Just follow the formula. Track your behavior and use of your time with specific information for the next one week, two weeks, three weeks or an entire month, your choice. The tracking is in fifteen minute intervals. What exactly are you doing in those fifteen minutes? At the end of the week add up your totals of how you spent your time. If you selected a month for your tracking, still add up your totals at the end of the week. Once the tracking is completed you will find the gaps and the time wasters which are currently part of your regular schedule.

Want to have three specific steps to free up the time that you need for anything you want to do? Start tracking your time now and come back and see next week’s article.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.