What Costume Do You Wear?

Many people have been preparing for days, weeks, even months for the big day and maybe more importantly the big weekend right ahead. What would so many people put their time, energy, effort and money into? What else – a costume to wear for Halloween! This year the actual trick-or-treat day is on Monday. The weekend before will certainly be filled with parties to attend in full costume.

New York Costumes Halloween Adventure

Not too many years ago this was an activity for children in The Americas. A super hero, a law enforcement or fire fighter look alike, a soldier, a clown, a witch, a vampire, a bumble bee or even Frankenstein! There were endless choices. Now it is an adult ritual. In fact an entire industry has blossomed selling adult costumes!

Are you getting dressed up for a Halloween bash?

Go right now to the comments section and let us know what you will be dressed up as so we know who you are from across the room.

Here is the thing – are you authentic – are you real – in your daily business and personal life? OR – are you dressed up and in costume all of the time every day?

When in my first auditorium meeting with the entire entering class of the United States Merchant Marine Academy – after we were issued our gear, were yelled at, no screamed at, did numerous braces against the wall and push ups on the deck – we were all told to look to our right and to look to our left and understand that odds were only one of the three of us were going to graduate – period – actually we were told – it was a fact.

The statistics say the divorce rate in the United States is right around 50%. This means that every single time a couple gets married one out of two are going to be divorced. It seems clear to me – odds are great – that one or both of these folks are not being real, not being authentic in their relationship with the other person. Maybe even both of them are not being real and not being authentic. How does this happen?

We all have our personality – our behavior profile – which is who we are for real. Based upon a variety of circumstances and feedback from other people, some negative, some parts of this personality or behavior is selected to be hidden or tucked away. You may be shocked at how many people live this way for their entire lives!

Imagine for a moment if you really understood your personality and instead of hiding any aspect of it you were able to understand what other personalities exist in people and how you and they would be able to interact and get along better?

In my profession we utilize certain assessments to conduct this work. The results of the assessment combined with training permits people to excel to their highest levels in their personal lives and in business.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.


It’s Halloween – What Costume Do You Wear to Work?

Business SuccessYou would do just about anything to run a successful business, right? Whatever type of business you are in, would you wear a costume on Halloween? You might just stop here and comment right now below if you like. Then again you might wonder, “Where exactly is he going with this one?” Costumes? Halloween? Getting dressed up? For success in business? How about the rest of the time when it is not Halloween? Are you in costume then too?

Give people credit. They are able to tell if you are not being authentic in your business. If you are acting or creating a fantasy around yourself, it is not going to last for long. Think this does not apply to you? Let’s start big. Take a look at the list of top company CEO’s who have crashed and burned this last year. It is a lack of leadership on their part. It is more than that alone. They were carrying out the act of being capable of being the CEO of the company of the size and complexity, when in reality they were not the right person for the job.

Now let’s go smaller. How many of us know someone who owns and runs a small local business? Our specific interaction with them is more socially based or in and around volunteer work, possibly in sports with their kids. Then, one day, you come into their place of business and they are a different person there. You watch as they are ordering around the staff or screaming into the phone. It is as if they were two different people.

Now you have formed a new view regarding what you think and feel about this person based upon the new information you are processing. You wonder why they are not behaving the same way as you have seen so many times before during the volunteer work. You may even call into question which person is the real person? Is the person you know from the volunteer activities the act and the work personality the authentic person?

When we look at these two extreme examples, by the business size, we should note there is a single common thread. The lack of being the authentic person that you are, with honesty and values, will lead to a bad ending. In order to achieve consistent success in business and results to build further success upon, we must be who we are and work to do this if we find it difficult to achieve.

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