Do You Focus?

Losing focus - turn off the phoneWhat specific items or areas of your life do you spend the time and effort to focus on? The media loves to speak about and write about how never before was there such a lack of focus and inability to quiet the mind for periods of time in order to focus.

Let’s begin with what are some of the basic techniques needed in order for anyone to really be able to focus. It goes without saying….maybe it needs to be said… First thing is to remove any distractions or potential distractions. Some examples are: turn off the cell phone, the TV, and any devices which may ring, beep, vibrate and more.

These three fundamental techniques will take you toward a state where you will be able to focus for five minutes or fifty minutes depending upon your objectives. My suggestion is to slowly build up to the amount of time you might need. Consider starting out with five or ten minutes as your goal. Then slowly add a few more minutes each week until you reach thirty minutes or fifty minutes whatever your goal time might be.

Start out with your breathing as your first technique. Deep breathes into and out of your nose not your mouth. Nice long and deep breathes into and out of your nose. Practice this technique as often as you like. The breathing should become slow and steady and in fact very calming. Afterall isn’t that the whole point?

The second technique is your body movements and posture. Are you able to either sit or stand comfortably for a period of time without fidgeting or shaking your foot or scratching somewhere? All of these are distractions to your mind.  Your posture should be comfortable yet without slouching shoulders or bent over. You should be able to sit upright or stand upright and still be comfortable.

The third technique for focus is to not allow anything to enter your mind except the specific item you intend to focus on. This will take practice. Practice is exactly what you should do and as often as possible. Of the three techniques this one may be the most difficult to master.

In summary, these three techniques, steady slow and deep breathing, no body movements and good posture and a clear mind will bring you to a state where you are able to focus.

The best part is the techniques may be applied anywhere! Take them to your office. Take them home with you and work on them with your family. Take them on the road with you and on the jet flying out and back. Try it out and let me know how you focus! 

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

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