Top Ten Ways To Make Certain Your Day Is Non-Productive and Uninspiring

Business SuccessAn inspirational speaker or book takes you places you just love! Don’t you enjoy these moments? People are so creative and we are all so blessed to meet other people and enjoy their unique gifts!

What do we do when we meet someone who is, shall we say, ‘off the grid’? In order to be of service to some of these folks – this article is for them. Hope it helps. Feel free to pass it on.

Some folks want to go out of their way to have a non-productive and uninspiring day. Rather than make this task so difficult for them, here is a list of top ten ways to make certain your day is non-productive and uninspiring:

1.  Start off your day, as soon as you wake up and say out loud, “Here we go again, another day, another dollar.”

2.  Grab the remote before you even wash your hands and face, and turn on Constant Negative News. Or turn on your personal favorite negative news channel, with the volume as high as possible.

3.  As you are leaving your residence think to yourself, “What a dump. I can’t believe I live here.”

4.  Anytime you are driving or walking you note the person in front of you has no clue how to drive or walk and you maneuver to pass in front of them as soon as possible.

5.  Throughout your day, anytime you are on a line, you are certain the line you are on is moving slower than the one next to you. If you should change lines to the faster line, you are now certain the line you were on before is now moving faster than the line you are on now.

6.  If anyone greets you and smiles, you look down and grunt and keep walking.

7.  Never smile or laugh throughout the day. What is so funny anyway?

8.  Check your email, your phone, your watch and the clock on the wall more often than your heart beats each hour.

9.  Have absolutely no written plan or agenda for your day, or the next day, or the next day. In fact you wonder where the years have gone as time moves so slowly at work and so quickly through your life.

10.  At the end of your day, you have no idea what value you have added to anyone, or what you have accomplished or not. All you want to know is what is on TV tonight or maybe catch up on your TiVo recordings.

Do you know anyone who has one or more of these traits? Pass this article on to them.

The truth is if you see yourself in even one of these items in your day we have some work to do.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.