Persistence in Your Marketing Brings Success to Your Business

When you designed your last direct mail campaign, how many touches or pieces were sent out to the same person? Did you strategically time a few pieces to each person to create the intrigue and the familiarity necessary for success in a direct mail campaign, or any other marketing campaign for that matter?

Or did you create your direct mail program based solely on price points and assumed one mailing would suffice? Then afterwards the program wondered what went wrong and you either decided “Well, direct mail is so old school, it just doesn’t work any longer” OR
“The mailing list just wasn’t a good list, not out target market.”

This is not an article discussing the pros and cons of direct mail. The point is whatever method of marketing you are utilizing, the persistence, the use of the drip technique, has been proven time after time to work the best. You must have your name, your company name, your product or your service in front of people often.

Consider the persistence of Steve Jobs. He returned to revive Apple twice. One time he returned after being fired at 30 years old from the company that he founded! Think about the iPod. The engineers kept returning with a sleek design for an MP3 player. The controls always relied on buttons. Finally Steve Jobs said, “Look no buttons. Okay, no buttons, anywhere!” The iPod was born.

The idea is to create a persistent methodology for your marketing strategy. You might change the course of how it is delivered, just keep it coming. The only road to success in your business passes through the town of persistence.

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