Going for Gold – Part Two

Going for Gold - Part 2 - SwimmingGoing For Gold – Part One discussed the lessons from the Olympics and the U.S. Gymnastics Team which are applicable to your business. Here is the link to the article Going For Gold – Part One if you missed it.

Going For Gold – Part Two is about the medals and the athletes in the Olympics. How does this translate into a consideration for how you run your business?

In terms of Medals for events there are what maybe around three hundred medals in total? Let’s say four hundred to be safe. Then for Gold Medals there would be around one hundred and thirty two? Meanwhile there are close to twenty thousand athletes competing in the Olympics!

Does the odds of winning a Gold Medal stop an athlete from competing?

No not at all! In fact take look at swimming or track as an example…the difference in time between the Gold Medal Winner and the next three athletes is usually very close. In fact in one race, the Men’s 100 Meter Butterfly with Michael Phelps there was a three way tie for the Silver Medal! While the Gold Medal winner Joseph Schooling finished fractions ahead.

GOLD       Joseph Schooling – Singapore   50.39

SILVER   Michael Phelps – USA               51.14

SILVER   Chad Le Clos – South Africa     51.14

SILVER   Laszlo Csen – Hungary             51.14

Everyone – every single athlete and team who made their way to the Olympics represents the best in their chosen event. No one is giving up in their effort to win a Gold Medal or a Silver Medal or a Bronze Medal.

How does this translate to your business? In whatever type of business you are involved in you should always strive to be the best! The best at what? My thought is that your model should begin with the best experience for your customers and clients. This should be your starting point. Then move into the competition in your space or your market if you will. Who are your competitors? How do you stack up? Are you measuring yourself against your equivalent competition? Quite possibly the keyword here is ‘measuring’.

Are you measuring on a regular basis the key elements of your business and then making the corrections necessary to improve these numbers?

Another key element is even if you are not the number one in your market you keep working to become the best. What type of award do you strive to win in your region?

Do you know what the awards are which may be attainable? The ability to make it to the final round of selection for an award is often quite an honor.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.