My Business Inspected By…

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When you purchase an item, especially clothing and especially if from the internet did you ever notice the small piece of paper which has written on it “Inspected by 09234” or if the item is of an article of clothing from a higher end retailer it may say “Inspected by Maria” so there is a name attached to the inspection process?

Why do you think the retailer goes to the trouble of this process?

In your business you must create a set of inspection processes or habits developed for a number of reasons. ‘Inspect what you expect’ in order to –

  • keep you on track toward your goals for having a successful business
  • you know when and where to make changes
  • your team knows you are engaged and you will be checking

These are a few of the key items. Do you have some you would add to the list?

One word of caution, as one is on a growth path, this is not about micromanaging your people or a project. The methods being proposed here are regular check-ins on everything in your business. This may be your financial results, your customer retention, or even the exact results and process of a specific rollout and what took place every step of the way regarding purchases, returns, new client development, and more. What you will find is you will be much more effective in your role as the CEO of your business and your team will view you as the CEO of the business.

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