How Do You Know Where You Are Going If You Don’t Know Where You Are?

One thing is for certain, we as entrepreneurs thrive on having new ideas and considering new avenues, new businesses, new projects and more. The most successful entrepreneurs bring a laser focus to their business.
They know their strengths and hire in to cover their weaknesses. They act quickly and implement on their best thinking. They know where they are when they begin and they know where they are as they move along their path to success.
Let’s discuss this last topic. Checking in on where you are? This is not just about the financial aspects of your business. It is the course you have set for your business. You need to check in on a regular basis and see if you are on track financially, on your projects, on your plan and on your strategy.
Here is one example I think everyone may relate to. Do you sign up to attend an event, go to the event and then it happens. You get swept up at the event by great and compelling selling into purchasing a new marketing tool. You buy the package for a few thousand dollars. You return from the event all excited and begin to spend your time and the time of your team on the ‘new’ marketing tool.
Now I am not going to judge your purchase. Marketing is a critical and all important component to running a continually successful business. I want to ask you this question – are you losing your focus and taking your team off track? When do you realize what you have done? Do some current and previously important projects get sidetracked? Are there some urgent opportunities, conversations, customer issues, email campaigns that are now lost in this new found exciting marketing tool you are all working with?
Is it better to consider the time investment and the who, what, where and when of the new marketing tool you purchased?
The point here is this – create a regular method of checking in. Know clearly where you want to go and attach dates and timelines to everything. Roll this back into to smaller goals to be achieved. Carve these up to your staff and areas of responsibility. Now you will know where you are and where you are going! And your team will too!