Use It Or Lose It!

check-wenkroyThe month of December brings along much joy, warmth and pleasure to many people. It signifies the end of the calendar year and for a great many organizations the end of their fiscal year.  Corporations, not for profit charities and a variety of associations and other businesses have allocated funds for development, training and materials which if the funds are not utilized by the end of the year they are lost.  

Potentially even more impactful to their budget is the allocation in the budget for the upcoming year or two may be reset to the lower number of dollars actually spent in this previous year for this category.  

When this topic is discussed by me certain people say, “This is not true! Why would this  apply to a Non- Profit Organization?”  

It definitely does apply and here is one small example. From a variety of my contacts on the Board of Directors of certain Non-Profit Organizations, they tell me the business and the people in a Non-Profit may need development and training in leadership, communications, and presentation skills more than some of their corporate sponsors. In fact, they would find the money as long as the Non-Profit would agree to spend the money specifically on it and not something else.

If you are in this type of situation or know of an organization which is please stop right now and contact me with your information or an introduction.

This is an investment in the future of your organization. There are many reports which state that organizations are spending quite a bit on leadership development and training within their organization and they still are not seeing the return on their investment.  

Now this is not to knock the Human Resources folks – and let’s be careful here not to feel offended as this is not the purpose here –  often a training and development workshop or course is brought in with the mindset that it is a one time event.  For the most part this is due to the larger organizations who are hired are set up to deliver their workshops and courses in this manner.  Once the workshop or the course ends everyone goes back to conducting themselves exactly as they did prior to the workshop or course.

The more effective method of delivery to have an impact and to create a change in behavior is through spaced repetition. For example – If you consider marketing and the use of media it is through the repetition of the brand, the message, the reason through a  number of different sources which translates into the attainment of a customer.

By incorporating spaced repetition into the delivery, this continued contact and engagement in a variety of methods keep people onboard and accountable. They are able to grow and their behavior changes along with this process.

The ultimate goal and deliverable must be supported from the top of the organization as well. When a shift in culture or behavioral change is the deliverable the fastest way to undo everything is to have a leader in the organization or a manager continue to present themselves the same exact way they always have while expecting everyone else to change.

There are numerous ways to take advantage of this end of year opportunity. Here are a few examples where either a deposit or a full payment in December 2016 will secure top notch development, training and resources for individuals and/or groups:

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Effective Personal Productivity
  • Effective Personal Leadership

These ALL INCLUDE areas where goal setting and the accountability to carry these through are part of the program. Each of these are from start to finish designed for an initial 90 day effort.

Secure the program now! 

Mitch Tublin runs a boutique consulting firm with a main focus on leadership development, strategic initiatives and executive coaching. Based in Stamford, CT. he has clients all over the world.

Is It A Banking Problem or a Culture and Leadership Problem?

Is It A Banking Problem or a Culture and Leadership Problem?One of the high profile business stories this week is about Wells Fargo. CEO John Stumpf was called to Washington D.C. to be heard and then flogged by the politicians. Rather than review the entire situation which is widely available for your review online and at CNBC here is a quick and dirty review.
People who worked at Wells Fargo were reportedly for years creating fake accounts for a variety of bank products utilizing the identity of real banking customers. From my reading and listening it does not appear any of the customers funds were stolen, however, this remains a serious issue as credit report impacts, identity theft and more may have been the result of some of these activities.

At this time over 5,300 people have been let go from Wells Fargo. On CNBC it was stated that none of the people who were let go were anyone we would know or hear about, however, it is possible some were branch managers. One of the quotes from CEO John Stumpf was that this was an issue created by the behavior of low level employees. As a side note the person in charge of the entire unit is leaving the company along with a bonus in the high millions. Feel free to check out the various stories if you are interested in the reported details as more information is released and the stories to date are verified.

The bottom line is this about culture and leadership. Stop there – end of story.

In fact here is a challenge, if there is a person in the Wells Fargo organization with a budget contact me. We will speak or meet and begin a program for your team, division, Branch(s), organization which will return value almost immediately. Everything right now being thrown out there by your internal trainers and PR folks is about CYA.

What we will work on is values based leadership. In essence this is the missing element.

Everyone in the organization was / is graded by numbers and statistics. Let’s face the facts from day one were all 5,300 people who were let go people who had criminal intent on their mind when they began their careers at Wells Fargo? Up until a week ago the majority of these folks were upstanding citizens in their communities. These folks did their 9 to 5 and were doing what they thought they needed to do to get by.

They were and their managers were incentivized by the system set up by Wells Fargo – the culture. This is the culture potentially prevalent in numerous banking institutions.

What if instead the metrics measured the value of a new customer? A customer who had a business and two children and has been married for five years. What is the value of getting to know this customer where the bank is writing the mortgage and maybe a home equity loan, providing credit cards, debit cards, college loans, car loans, insurance and potentially investment accounts?

What is the lifetime value of a customer who knows your name and has your cell phone number just in case they need something?

A leader does not have to be a CEO or a C anything. A leader is a person who knows when to lead. When it is time to take action. Now is that time at Wells Fargo. Consider the small snowball which is rolled down the mountain and it picks up speed on the way down and becomes a huge round ball of snow. This is the type of momentum and culture change we will start by beginning with you and your team right now at Wells Fargo.

Are you up for the challenge? For once lead from the front and not from a spreadsheet.

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This is a blog. A weekly Award Winning blog written for over six years each week by Mitch Tublin, Feel free to subscribe here. It is not meant to be or advertised to be reporting the news. Everything is based upon my opinion or my understanding. Hope that works for you and keeps you interested. You are always free to comment in the comments area. Your readership is appreciated. Let others know about “Navigating Your Course for Success” so we grow our community. Smooth Sailing.

You Are Now The Person In Charge

Leadership - You Are Now The Person In ChargeYou are now the person in charge. You might be in charge of a few people or hundreds of people. You may work in a small start up company or a large Fortune 500 Company. You may be the new leader of the entire business or a part of the business.

In all of these cases you have some thinking to do – and quickly.

Similar to your first impression on an interview or a sales call, there is a very brief period of time where you have the opportunity to set the tone of how you will be viewed. Try as much as you want to change this initial opinion around to another viewpoint, but you will have a very difficult time.

Numerous experts have said you essentially have ninety (90) days to set the tone of who you are all about in this new role. My viewpoint is more like thirty (30) days, if that.

This is why, more than ever, you have to be willing, ready and able to always learn and grow. When the opportunity presents itself you have to be ready, there will not be time to get ready, you must already be ready. Yes, continue to learn and grow – be ready.

Here are three tips to smooth out your navigation of the transition to leadership:

First: Recognize how others view who you are – meaning – if you are new to this organization are you open to acknowledging you do not know things or do you come across as if you know it all? If you are from within the organization will there be an assumption that you are going to be the same person you have always been? Who is…?

Second: Know yourself, really understand and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Build upon and work with your strengths and hire in – promote and lean in with others who have your weaknesses as their strengths. All areas of this process will be greatly enhanced by working with an experienced executive coach. This specific item, second on this list, is quite possibly the most difficult to undertake on your own.

Third: Odds are you had a specialty – maybe you were a leader on the Sales Team for years, or have worked your way up through the ranks of accounting and have been a CFO, or you have a technical background. In any of these cases now you must avoid being that expert now and permit your replacement to handle their area, and you learn more about the other areas of the business which you may not have spent as much time on before. There is an expectation that a leader is well versed and well rounded.

There is much work to do and these three tips are provided to put some wind in your sails. Contact Mitch to bring this entire transition to a new level for you and your organization.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, trainer and speaker who adds value to a client base which spans the globe. He is based in Stamford, CT.

Mothers Lead The Way Every Single Day

Mother's Lead The Way Every Single DayThere is no discussion, no question and hopefully no issue that each of us has a Mother. If she has passed on it is my sincere hope you have fond and loving memories of her. If your Mother is alive today my wish for you is that you are able to give her a warm hug and kiss and tell her how much she means to you and that you love her dearly.

The love of a Mother for her children is never questioned. There is an assumption based upon actions, that a Mother would do almost anything for her children. The majority of children, at some point, do recognize this devotion by their Mom to them. A child will stand up for and protect their Mother. When a Mother is in need the child will give up almost anything to be there and to help out.

One story which comes to mind is about Kevin Ollie who became the UCONN Men’s Basketball Coach following in the footsteps of the Hall Of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun.

In 2014 when the UCONN Men’s Basketball Team ultimately won the NCAA Championship, Kevin Ollie’s Mom was battling Stage Two Breast Cancer and later diagnosed with lung cancer as well. Her initial reaction was to not let Kevin know the full story as ‘he already had enough on his plate’. It did not take Kevin long to learn the whole story.

He became very involved in his Mom’s treatment and care while his team was in the midst of a magical season. Together their faith and prayer became a continued aspect of their time together as it always had been. Kevin grew up in Los Angeles where it would have been easy for him to have been taken in by another choice or two which would have lead him down a different path than he is on right now. It was Dorothy, his Mom, who kept him on the straight and narrow to guide him and keep him focused on what he needed to focus on.

As we pay tribute to our Mothers let us all remember who taught us our first real lesson in Leadership. A lesson we all would do well to keep at the top of our minds.

John C. Maxwell says, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. ” Thank you to all the Moms who are our first exposure to True Leadership.

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, executive coach and professional speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Are You Building a Dam or Building a Successful Business?

Business SuccessA dam serves a purpose. Typically utilized for water, a dam holds the flow of water in such a manner as to create an entirely new landscape where water flowed freely previously. Now the water builds up and forms a lake, or a reservoir, as the dam stops the flow of the water. If we stop there and assess if this strategy would work or not, regarding your communication skills in building a successful business, what do you think?

The ability to build a business built for success is dependent upon the leader’s ability to communicate effectively. What is your business owner personality profile? When there are things that go wrong or you see something that is not done the way you want it to be, how do you handle the situation? Are you the type who just steps in and fixes whatever it is so it is done just right to your expectations? Then you do not take the opportunity to train or teach the people on your team about what you expect and what took place? Better yet, ask why it was done the way it was done and see if it is possible that this is a better or more efficient method than what you were looking for.

The person who typically holds back and let’s their dislikes for what they see become bottled up and ready to boil over, is a potentially toxic situation. One day everything will come spilling out and most likely without a meaningful or productive outcome for the business or the team; similar to a dam which forms a crack or a leak. The correct method of handling situations is to permit you to remain in a calm state. For some people this will mean you need a bit of time to reflect and assess before you react to a situation. For other people they have the ability to immediately react and offer feedback to their employee or team.

Each situation is unique. There will be certain instances when a one on one discussion would be the appropriate reaction. There will be other times when the entire team should be involved in the communication. You will know. Trust your instincts. If you have ever been called a ‘hot-head’ or ‘short tempered’ – odds are you are a candidate for waiting for a time period before reacting and giving some feedback.

Do you see yourself in this article? A quality business coach will be able to work with you on this exact issue. Contact Mitch Tublin today for an appointment and become the effective leader and communicator you want to be – or call 877-907-8223.

It’s Halloween – What Costume Do You Wear to Work?

Business SuccessYou would do just about anything to run a successful business, right? Whatever type of business you are in, would you wear a costume on Halloween? You might just stop here and comment right now below if you like. Then again you might wonder, “Where exactly is he going with this one?” Costumes? Halloween? Getting dressed up? For success in business? How about the rest of the time when it is not Halloween? Are you in costume then too?

Give people credit. They are able to tell if you are not being authentic in your business. If you are acting or creating a fantasy around yourself, it is not going to last for long. Think this does not apply to you? Let’s start big. Take a look at the list of top company CEO’s who have crashed and burned this last year. It is a lack of leadership on their part. It is more than that alone. They were carrying out the act of being capable of being the CEO of the company of the size and complexity, when in reality they were not the right person for the job.

Now let’s go smaller. How many of us know someone who owns and runs a small local business? Our specific interaction with them is more socially based or in and around volunteer work, possibly in sports with their kids. Then, one day, you come into their place of business and they are a different person there. You watch as they are ordering around the staff or screaming into the phone. It is as if they were two different people.

Now you have formed a new view regarding what you think and feel about this person based upon the new information you are processing. You wonder why they are not behaving the same way as you have seen so many times before during the volunteer work. You may even call into question which person is the real person? Is the person you know from the volunteer activities the act and the work personality the authentic person?

When we look at these two extreme examples, by the business size, we should note there is a single common thread. The lack of being the authentic person that you are, with honesty and values, will lead to a bad ending. In order to achieve consistent success in business and results to build further success upon, we must be who we are and work to do this if we find it difficult to achieve.

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