Life Balance and Your Success in Business and Life

February is the Valentine month.  It is a great time to remember you can think and plan strategically, however, if you do not incorporate life balance into the equation you will not find the success in business and life you desire.

The picture here is a sample rendering of key areas for you to consider in your life balance equation. It is called the Compass of Life™.  You may insert other major areas which may be more meaningful to you.

Every month, every week, every day you should have some aspect of each area you feel is important to you as part of your daily schedule. If you are only working and only thinking business, your life balance is out of synch and this will eventually create havoc for you.

Everyone has a different reaction to being out of life balance.  For some this shows up as a health issue.  For others their relationship suffers, go to Dr. Patty Ann at for more information on your relationship and this issue.

My gift to you today is to ask you spend some time right now and think about your life balance.  Look at your Compass of Life™ and see where you may find ways to balance and right your ship.

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