How Do You Spend Your Time?

spend-timeThere are so many articles, books, and top ten tips lists on the topic of time management. Everyone has an opinion. A unique spin on how to save a few minutes here or a few minutes there and you know these all add up at the end of the year. In fact here is what one of these might look like:


  1. Do not check your email, Facebook, Twitter or anything online first thing in the morning.  Instead make a list of the three most important, must get done items today and then bullet point what you must do to get these done today.  The electronic stuff waits until later.
  2. Utilize an assistant or voicemail to their best capacity. Empower your assistant with scripts or the ability to solve certain situations by themselves.
  3. Do not attend meetings unless you know exactly why they are necessary, who is the person in charge of the meeting, and what is the exact objective of the meeting.
  4. If you go to a meeting there must be action item(s) assigned at the end of the meeting with names and timelines.
  5.  Utilize a planner either written or device where your time is scheduled in fifteen or thirty minute increments seven days a week.  Yes you may write relax across eights hours on a Saturday if you choose.  My preference would be to write in exactly what relaxing means to you during that time period.
  6. Make time to read, exercise and eat. By making the time to conduct these important healthy activities the rest of your time will be spent more productively.
  7. Check email, Facebook, Twitter and any online areas you wish, first thing in the morning.  Yes, do it.  Get it going right away.  You might start people moving in a direction on a project and check back later to see how it is going.  You might be responding to someone in the U.K. and later they will not be available. Choose this one or number one (above).  Your choice. Which suits you better? 

There you have an example of what one of these top lists looks like.

Now what?  How about you use the information and try it out for a week or a month or a year and see if it makes a difference?  My thought is if you become more productive and at the same time you save some time we will have a value added moment together!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Strategically Incorporate Life Balance into Your Business Strategy

Work-Life Balance

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This month I have been strategically speaking about and writing about Life Balance and the importance why having a balanced life is a critical part of your strategic thought process in planning and determining how you spend your time and construct your business. There is a secret aspect to living a balanced life style. It is something that really cannot be explained it just has to be experienced. Many of us, as entrepreneurs, are seeking the secret or the magic answer to the road to success. Living a balanced life is one of these secrets and here is why.

Once you fully embrace the other areas of your life, which are broader than work and family, you will find people who you will connect with. These are often people you otherwise would have never met. Or if you met at a standard ‘networking’ event you each may have had another persona out in front and may not have connected.

Now, let us say for example, you are both collecting tickets for the charity fundraiser; you are connecting in a different way. As the time together goes on taking the tickets you each learn about your families, why you volunteer, and what each of your businesses are about. Little did each of you know you are perfect clients for each other! OR connectors for each other! OR you each have a good client to immediately introduce to one another.

This is not why we choose to enter into a Life of Balance. It is the secret that reveals itself from embracing a balanced life! Make sense? Don’t believe this is true? I know personally how many people I have connected with in this manner. Just don’t go into the process seeking this secret. Allow it to happen and it will. The reasons for your Life Balance equation are personal and the rewards and benefits are for you and your family and your loved ones.  The rest will take care of itself.

A word of caution – In no way am I suggesting you ignore the practices necessary to run a successful business. You must have your focus, your strategy, your plan right in front of you all the time. Do not forget it.

If you wish to create a plan to have Life Balance in your life and business on your terms, book your Strategic Business Breakthrough Session today.

Vacation Means Renew and Create Balance

Vacations - Life Balance

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Do you have a strategy in place for when you will take your vacations?

Do you feel your business will not survive if you are not there every single minute?

Oh my! That is right it is the U.S. these are bad words! And did I see an ‘s’ at the end. What do you mean vacationS? Corporate America says you get two weeks and good luck trying to use them.

Let’s get really serious okay, do you know in Europe and nearby Europe you are expected to take your vacation weeks. Yes, weeks. A number of countries practically shut down in August as everyone is off for the entire month. It is not uncommon for most employees to have six weeks of vacation. If you do not take your weeks you actually have a poor assessment in your annual review. Imagine!

Now you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur and you must take the time to renew and chill out so you may come back rested and full of great ideas to work on! It is the perfect time to create balance in your life. Create some space in your calendar a few times a year to take some time away, without the PDA, without the cell phone, without answering the emails every time they come in.

Set the expectation within your team that you want to hear where they are going on their vacations. Create a vacation calendar so everyone may place their time away across the days or weeks. Foster the belief system in your team that this is expected behavior. Watch what this does for your team performance.

Are you a person with a family, a spouse and children – this is the perfect time to reconnect if you have been out of balance and working long hours. If you are single use this opportunity to either connect with friends and take a trip together or go off somewhere and let your self explore whatever you wish to explore.

This month Life Balance has been the main topic. There is nothing like a great vacation experience to bring you back into balance with yourself and to recognize how important it is to have Life Balance on our mind every single day.

If you wish to create a plan to have Life Balance in your life and business on your terms, book your Strategic Business Breakthrough Session today.

Write Your Story By Taking Action Today

After a busy day enjoying creating business strategies and action plans with clients, it was time to see what the younger generation was up to so…Last night I attended the local high school fashion show. It is a fund raiser for the after prom party sponsored by the school. All of the clothes, haircuts, makeup are all donated by local business owners. Seniors and Juniors model the outfits on the runway setup for the show.  There are announcers introducing everyone and loud modern music blasting away.

As the show was ending I saw a well dressed older gentlemen tearing up. I commented how much fun the show was and was he okay? He said the following; “How did it happen, or when did it happen? She is a full grown woman now and I missed it all.” He just walked away, shaking his head, mumbling aloud, “why did I just work all the time, how did this happen?” He spent his life working and not spending much, if any quality time with his family.

You may wish to write a book one day. The thing holding you up is you feel it is a daunting task to undertake.

Work and Life Balance

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Imagine the impossible task of rewriting your history? It is not possible. You are not able to rewrite history.

You are encouraged to create a fully balanced life today. Our life on this planet is too short to only work or to only play. It is by only taking the time to make the room for what is important to you that you will actually take action to make this take place.

Think about the gentlemen who felt he never saw his daughter grow up.  He was too busy with his work.

Now he realizes what he missed by working late and working from home on the weekends.

If you are ready to work with an expert business consultant, Mitch Tublin, who will help you to understand how to create a wonderful and well-balanced life, book your Strategic Business Breakthrough Session today.

Life Balance and Your Success in Business and Life

February is the Valentine month.  It is a great time to remember you can think and plan strategically, however, if you do not incorporate life balance into the equation you will not find the success in business and life you desire.

The picture here is a sample rendering of key areas for you to consider in your life balance equation. It is called the Compass of Life™.  You may insert other major areas which may be more meaningful to you.

Every month, every week, every day you should have some aspect of each area you feel is important to you as part of your daily schedule. If you are only working and only thinking business, your life balance is out of synch and this will eventually create havoc for you.

Everyone has a different reaction to being out of life balance.  For some this shows up as a health issue.  For others their relationship suffers, go to Dr. Patty Ann at for more information on your relationship and this issue.

My gift to you today is to ask you spend some time right now and think about your life balance.  Look at your Compass of Life™ and see where you may find ways to balance and right your ship.

For ways to work with expert Business Strategy Consultant, Mitch Tublin, begin with an initial Business Breakthrough Strategy Session and explore with Mitch your life balance and your business needs.