Resurrection Time For Your Purpose, Passion and Planning in Business and Life

Are you just going through the motions? You may have started your own business ten years ago, ten months ago or ten weeks ago and you now find yourself in a rut of your own creation.

businessplanningYou need to resurrect your purpose, passion and your planning in your business and life.

This means you need to take the actions necessary to bring back into practice, or to use in a sense a revival of your spirit, why you wanted to be in your own business in the first place.

A book may be written about how you find yourself in this situation. One example is you have something you are passionate about and you start a business around it. As you become successful you hire staff and personnel to work for you. Now you find yourself spending most of your time managing people and the business and not working in the area of your passion. In fact, before you never viewed this as work. Now you do.

You spend many hours each day involved in the areas of your business you do not really enjoy working on. You arrive home to your family and most days the kids are already in bed. Your relationship with your spouse resembles two ships passing in the night.

Make an appointment with yourself. Take one hour or two hours and shut down all distractions which include, but are not limited to your cell phone, iPod, laptop, TV, iPad, and anything else which talks, makes noises, music or sounds.

What is your purpose? Write.Yes use a pen or a pencil and paper. Do you know something magical happens when we write with our hand on paper? It is almost as if there is a connection formed when our hand writes, our eyes see it, and our brain looks at what we wrote down and interprets the words. Magical.

Business and Life – What is your purpose? Write.

What are you passionate about? Write.

In Business and Life – What are you passionate about?  Write.

Go back now and read aloud what you wrote. Consider if you need to add or change anything. My preference is you add more.

What is your plan? Write. Huh?

Okay we just wrote down our purpose and our passion. We already know we have moved away from these in our current daily existence. How do we get back on track?

How do we get back to living life?

Let’s develop your plan to make this happen together – right now.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.