Three Lists for Your Business Success

Business Success

Are you in the habit of creating to-do lists? Every once in a while you still hear a guy refer to his wife having a ‘honey-do list’ for him. Somehow this might make it’s way to the Museum of Natural History where most Neanderthal Items reside. Seriously though

this is actually an activity you might consider undertaking with your partner and your children. Each of them will work on their own and then you each present your lists and compare and discuss with each other what you wrote.

It is really ‘your own’ to do list.

The year end is closing in on all of us, with a fresh New Year waiting for us to show up. This is the perfect time to take on this easy project. If you are going to partner with your spouse and even with your children here are the simple rules. Three separate pages or if electronic, then three unique documents or notes.

  • The first page is titled – “Where Am I Now?”
  • The second page is titled – “Where Am I Going?”
  • The Third Page is titled – “Why?”

The rules are simple – keep the writing brief, just note what comes to mind. You must suspend the need to know ‘how’! This is worth repeating. You must suspend the need to know ‘how’ !

More dreams are ended and ideas are crushed from drowning in the ‘how’.

  • How will we do this?
  • How will we make this?
  • How do we …?

STOP! Suspend for a moment the need to know how. This list making project is all about three simple titles or subject headings.

  • “Where Am I Now?”
  • “Where Am I Going?”
  • “Why?”

If you are asking me to explain to you first – why? Why do this, for what purpose? Fair enough. We are all busy. We all get distracted. There is our business, our craft. We have our families. There are emails, cell phones, iPhones, iPads, text messages, social media, and so much more. We may volunteer in our community. There must be a time, a place, a process we establish to ground ourselves. This may be one of the methods you will utilize to move yourself into this process. The added bonus of conducting this effort along with others is to celebrate the sharing with them.

You should book a date and a time when you will all meet and present your three areas to each other. There is no place for criticism at this event. Everyone should be supportive and engaging with each other. Keep the ‘how’ out of the room. In fact, take on this list creation project and invite your spouse and your children to join you. Let me know how you make out.

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