Accountability and Time Management for Your Business is Like a Commuter Train Where All You Care About is their Accountability and Time Management

Accountability and Time Management for Your Business is Like a Commuter Train Where All You Care About is their Accountability and Time Management.

Did you ever commute by a train to go to your job?  For years I was a commuter.

The train was the 6:05 or the 6:27 or something like that.  I just knew it was important to catch that train on the Metro North because it was an Express train.  This meant there would only be one stop before Grand Central Station, and 42 minutes after you were on board, you were deposited in Manhattan.  Then off you went to your job location by walking or taking the subway or a taxicab.

The reason I bring up this topic is just last week, and quite a few times recently, I found myself on the Metro North heading into Manhattan for client meetings and Holiday Parties.  Yes, they call them Holiday Parties, so I am calling them Holiday Parties because that it what I was invited to and attended, Holiday Parties.  You and I know this is nothing more than a business marketing strategy and keeping everyone happy.  They are fun to attend and the networking is great too.

Each of the train stops has their own train schedule.  The name of their stop and the main location they are heading, for Metro North it is usually New York Grand Central Station or New Haven on that line.  In Grand Central Station, there are larger more detailed schedules with all of the stops named and the times to and from for the weekdays and a separate schedule for weekends and holidays.  These schedules are for business marketing and accountability.  If everyone knows the times and the schedule, you really need to stay on time and be on schedule.  For certain dates there are extra trains not listed in the schedule.  The regular commuters know.  It is because there will be a rush of people during certain hours so extra trains are set up to handle the rush.  New Year’s Eve would be a good example.  This is a great business strategy.  They prepare in advance.

The regular commuters depend upon the train being on time and staying on schedule. They know exactly when to leave their home, how long it will take to drive or walk to the train station, how long it will take to park their car in the garage and walk to the platform. They have a strategy for commuting to their business or place of work.

There are times when the train is late or not on schedule.  People get really upset when this happens.  They want to buy their bacon, egg and cheese at the deli exactly at the right time.  Or they have a meeting or an important conference call.  In fact, some may be late for their job and then they will have a problem with their boss or worse their client. The schedule really makes a difference to people and their lives.

How about you?  How about your time and your schedule?

Do you honor your time commitments to your customers, to your work, to yourself, to your projects, to your family?

Do you plan out your day, your week, your month, your year?

Who is keeping you accountable and on schedule?

Where do you keep your schedule?

Do you share your schedule with your team?

How often do you conduct a reality check to see if you are on schedule?

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