Mastermind Groups

A Mastermind is the harmonious alliance of two or more minds that create a friendly environment to gather, classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation. Napoleon Hill from Think And Grow Rich
Do you run and possibly participate in Mastermind meetings? Do you run meetings that meet this definition?
Do you feel you must know at least one or more people in your Mastermind for it to be effective and a learning experience?
These questions all arise as I have attended a twelve person Mastermind meeting today which ran all day long and I knew one person in an introductory and business transaction way. No one else in the room ever met me and this was the way it was for the majority of the room.
I found this meeting to be open, effective and a few AHA’s were there for me as well as others. For a Mastermind to be helpful must you have a relationship with everyone or a few of the members?
It was great to hear feedback from smart people who really knew absolutely zero about me. In some ways it may have permitted a true response from their experience without any pre-judgement of what I should be doing.
Here is the fun part – the advice, conclusions and tips were virtually the same as were received in a familiar Mastermind Group meeting in Los Angeles over a week ago where I am a member with a group of really brilliant people who are dedicated to each other and our success. This group meets on the phone each month and conducts in person meetings. We all feel like family. We support each other emotionally and in our business as each area does arise at different moments. Now these additional elements bring these meetings to a new height and depth of understanding for all of us. It is something special to be a participant and contributor to. The question is – is this what makes up a true Mastermind Meeting experience – the accountability, the support for you emotionally and in your business? Share your point of view and let’s discuss.