Communicating and Connecting are Keys to Success

Do you recall a recent interaction you may have either been a part of or witnessed, where one person was clearly communicating some information and the audience clearly did not understand what was being said?  The speaking person, sooner or later, realizes from the puzzled looks or the questions being asked, that the message was not being understood. So the speaker starts again and says the same exact words, just more slowly and louder. Does this work? Does this method ever work? Of course not!

What is going wrong? It has been written in Harvard Business Review, “The number one criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively.”

John C. Maxwell said, “It’s not enough just to work hard. It’s not enough to do a great job. To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate with others.”

Before you assume this has nothing to do with you, my suggestion is to conduct a reality check for yourself.

The next time you are either giving some type of instructions, or speaking to pass on some information of importance, ask the listeners to repeat to you what they heard. Do not warn them beforehand that you will be asking them to do this or you will negate the test. They will listen closer and be more aware of your words.

The results of this little test may provide some insight for you. This will be across your life from the board room, to the charity committee you sit on, to the eight year olds on your Little League team.

Now that we are all in agreement, this may happen to any of us and it does. What do we do?

This is the topic of an entire course, Effective Communication.

Here are a few easy ways to begin your walk down the path of communicating and connecting more effectively.

  • Become a great listener
  • Ask excellent questions
  • Understand what is important to your listeners
  • Speak about areas important to you which match your listeners
  • Based upon the above items, create a relationship with your listeners

These are not meant to be easy and quick solutions. You will need to put in the time and practice. With all tips and techniques which are intended to create positive change the habit of utilizing the techniques must be created.

Each of these when utilized and practiced will bring forward results that will be obvious to you and your listeners, especially if the people are the same people who you have previously spoken to. Now you will be speaking with them and they will notice the difference.

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Are You Willing To Pay The Price For Success?

There is something about paying the price that will get you motivated to take part, work harder, study more, learn more and soak in everything available to you in a course, a program or from a coach.

There is something about getting something for nothing, for free, that leaves you uninspired, unappreciative and undermines the true value of what you have before you.

Here is a brief story which is a case in point. One unadvertised area of expertise available from me is career counseling, career coaching, interview and resume guidance. What makes me an expert is experience and excellent results for my clients.

One client recently found me through a google search since my articles appear on – See the end of this article for a link to a recent article from me on

He was frantic. He had a few interviews and these did not go too well. He was now lacking confidence in his ability to interview successfully. There was another interview scheduled at the end of the next week and he wanted to ace it.

We arranged a “get to know you” meeting for twenty minutes. At the end of this meeting we set up three meetings, every other day in order to allow time for practice, study and homework all in preparation for his upcoming interview. My client paid in full prior to each meeting. He prepared, had questions and worked diligently. The phone call after the interview to me was to review how the interview went play by play. In this call a few follow up strategies were immediately put into place. This great voicemail was left for me a few days later: My client aced the interview and he was offered the position!

A career coach relayed this story to me about one of her clients. A recent college graduate was seeking a specific area of work in business. He was currently not working in this area and was seeking to locate this type of position. His father paid for a resume work up, and two career coaching sessions. The client appeared to be interested and excited, however, at the second session did not have a revised resume or a list of potential target companies prepared which were the homework assignments.

At this time, an offer was made to meet or speak one more time only if all work was emailed to her first. The client had emailed a few questions but never completed the assigned items. Through networking the career coach met the exact type of company with the exact type of position her client was seeking and entry level! She was so excited she immediately emailed the client and the father the contact information for the hiring company. A few days later she followed up with her client and he had not contacted the perfect potential employer! As far as she knows he never has contacted them!

You will have to pay the price to be successful. Are you willing to?

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