Your Mood is Your Food for Success in Business and Life

Business Success

What time of year is your favorite time of year? Some people have great sadness and anxiety when others are enjoying themselves. Do you have a time of year which upsets you or makes you anxious?

In your business, you must wear the mood and the mindset to keep your customers and your prospects interested in being around you and working with you. The ‘you’, is your store if you are in retail brick and mortar, your physical presence if you work in person, your videos, your website and more if you are an online business seller. This is bigger than your personal mindset, which is an important and an integral aspect of your success as well, it is akin to putting on your business attire and showing up for work.

Regardless of what is going on in your personal or business life, you are required to be warm, engaging and interesting toward your customers, clients and prospects. If you feel this is not being authentic and if you are upset about something, and your approach is, “well too bad, it is important to me and it cannot be hidden.” Well sad to say ‘Penelope’, wake up and smell the coffee, No one wants to hear your sob story! In fact, if anything they want you to listen to their sob story!

In addition, there is plenty of competition out there – meaning, if you or your environment are making people feel uncomfortable, they will go somewhere else where they do feel comfortable. If you are absolutely confident you own your market and your following are all raving fans, possibly you do not need to concern yourself with this topic.

See the example clip here

This would be a perfect example of how not to behave in your interactions with your customers, do you agree? In terms of listening to your customers, your clients, your prospects there is nothing wrong with having compassion and sharing an open ear. With this being said, you are certainly not expected to be their psychotherapist.

See the example clip here

Do you have a smile on your face yet? A few comedic clips to engage you in this process. There is nothing worse than an interested person meeting up with a dry humorless individual who is barely attempting to engage them as a person yet, is desperately trying to ‘sell to them’. A solution to assist you when or if you are in need of a mindset kick start to begin your day or even a booster shot during the day. Discover the use of affirmations to brighten your mood and to instill the mindset you wish to portray.

Write your own or start with these examples:

  • My thoughts are my reality and I am thinking of a bright new day.
  • I bet today will be a day to remember, let’s go and greet it.
  • There is a sun behind those clouds, I know it is there, so let me smile to show everyone I care.

Write these each out on an individual note card and carry these with you. Read one or all of them out loud when you feel the need. Feel free to use as often as you like. Article by Mitch Tublin,Certified Personal and Executive Coach based in Stamford, CT.