What Type of Networker Are You?

What Type of Networker Are YouSeriously, what type of networker are you?

Recently this is the conversation between these three young professional guys going into the same networking event as me:

“Dude I brought over a hundred of my cards and I plan on getting more than that many before I leave here today!”

“Man, I am going to sell all the way through this event. I am going in here to close some business.”

“Do you think there are any cute chicks going to be here?”

At least one of the three had a potentially winning mindset!

Do you think you are going to a networking event to collect new business cards? You don’t really think you are going to meet someone at a networking event and you are going to close business deals with them right there, that day, at the networking event?

Let’s set the table for the proper meal. If you believe the saying people do business with those people who they know like and trust – Networking is the first step on the know, like and trust staircase!

Here are three key items for you to be a great networker

First is your own mindset.

Be in the frame of mind, thinking – “how may I add value to others, here today, for each person I meet, how may I add value to them.”

This one small habit of thought before each networking event you plan to attend will do wonders for you and how you present yourself to others.

Second is know your talking points about yourself so you may speak them clearly and in a one or two minute maximum statement. It is possible you might have a few of these ready to go depending upon the group you run into at the networking event.

Third is you should be prepared to ask questions and then listen, then ask more questions and listen some more. Show genuine interest and ask questions of the people you meet. Too often people will say their two to three minutes and then the next person is barely able to hold back and they begin to blurt out their own ten minute story of their life!

Is there more to becoming a great networker? Of course there is! Would you be interested in joining a call about better and more effective networking skills CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile add these three key steps into your networking preparation habits to become a better networker.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, business consultant and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

3 Important Tips When You Attend Events

Tips for Attending Live EventsDo you attend events? When travel, hotel and food are added into the cost of the event, the event cost itself, plus the time involved attending the event, it becomes a serious investment.

Prior to the event do you have a plan and a strategy formulated in order to make the most of your investment? Even if the event is local and you do not have to travel you are investing your time. This is an investment as well and you should have a plan and a strategy to make the most of it.

Here are three tips you should utilize to make the most of your event attending experience.

First tip is you should review the schedule carefully.

Are there breakout sessions where you have the ability to select which one to participate in? Review these prior to attending the event and make your selection during each breakout of choice A and choice B for each breakout period. The reason is because if one of the sessions is canceled you already know where you intend to go, or if one of the sessions fills up you will already know where to go instead. Research the presenter and understand more about them and their background. This will enable you to judge the potential value to you of their session.

Second tip is you should see if there is a list of attendees posted or if there is a social media page for the event.

This will enable you to determine which people you definitely want to connect with in person at the event. Have this list available in order to ask others at the event if they saw them, know them or met them. Treat this as a game if you want to and don’t stress over it. However, make it your business to connect with the people you need to connect with!

Third tip is on the way back home from attending an event have a plan for what you will put into use – put into action and when.

Follow up with the people you met at the event within the first three to five days of the event with an action step to met in person if they are local or arrange a phone call.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, business consultant and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

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Business Strategy and Fear?

My business strategy is to network in places you would never think I would appear and it is highly likely no one there ever met me before.

Not long ago I attended an intimate event in West Palm Beach, Florida, where Les Brown was speaking to our group.

Les said, “The most feared activity, even feared more than death, is public speaking.”

I wonder how high on the list networking would be?

Even more specifically, I wonder how high on the list networking would be when you know you are going into an environment where you know absolutely no one and you think you have absolutely nothing in common with anyone there?

Well my friends, I challenge you to do just that!

Try out this strategy. Don’t over think it. Just try it out and let us all know how you make out.

Okay, so you are not totally left out in the cold here are a few networking tips for you:

Business Networking - Shaking HandsTIP #1 –   Warm up your smile and be ready to smile all the time.

What does this mean? Many of us are so busy tapping on our laptop, blackberry or iPhone we have that face on. You know the face, the  I’m tapping on my laptop, blackberry or iPhone, so don’t mess with me face.

You are not smiling. Make it a point to smile a lot everyday before your networking event. You should not have to think about smiling, you should just be smiling.

TIP # 2 –   Be really interested in the other person and their story.

You have three to five minutes to engage.  Yes, a time limit. If there are ten people you are going to meet this will allow you to meet these ten people in one hour. This allows time for you to move between people. So you do the math. You have only a few minutes to both engage with each other. It is the time you have to network around the room so you will need to keep moving.

Ask questions and repeat key points back to the person you just met. Use their name back to them in the conversation.

TIP # 3 –   Have your story ready, clear and succinct.

Your name, your company, what do you do?  Who are your customers/clients? What are the results? All of this in less than 1 minute. It must not be rushed, it must be clear and you need to make eye contact and smile.

TIP # 4 –   Exchange cards or contact information.

If you are connecting well, ask if you may contact them about meeting soon one on one or speaking on the phone to connect further. Leave your introductory meeting with an agreed upon action step. A definite do not do is do not take the contact information email off of the card and add it to your newsletter list and auto-generated email list. No one wants this done to them. It is so 2005.  So don’t do it.

TIP # 5 Follow up.

A short direct email or phone call about how great it was to meet you.  Reaffirm your call to action item.  Agree upon your date and time to meet up.  Ask about connecting on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter as appropriate for the situation.

It is my hope you are now more open to going to a networking event where you may not know a single person.

If you are interested in really getting your networking skills to the level they need to be for your business to grow and be more successful, contact Mitch Tublin, premier business strategist, consultant and coach, and set up your strategic business breakthrough session today.