Obstacles Getting in Your Way Toward Business Success

Dr. Patty Ann and Mitch in NY Harbor

The climb toward success in your business, your career, or your organization was never guaranteed to be a quiet stroll in the park. All along the way there will be obstacles.  Something will always go wrong or not work out as planned. This is a key part of moving into the success mode. It is not just solving the immediate crisis that is important. It is how you handle the crisis and what your behavior is like. Crisis can impact your reaction to areas of your business, your life, and people you come into contact with. The test is the same regardless of your position as a CEO of a large organization, in charge of a small business, a busy professional or an entrepreneur.

There are a variety of places to find inspiration. The type of inspiration that you keep inside of you as a resource when you are in a moment of wondering, “Why do I bother? What am I doing all of this for?”

It’s times like these when you want to have an inspiring thought to grab onto that clears negative thoughts from your mind and resets you back onto your path toward success, and your drive of being the best at what you do.

A recent event held by The Wounded Warriors displayed one of these moments for me.

Statue Of Liberty, New York City

Allow me to share this with you. There were 42 service men and women who had injuries, most of them very recent which would, by any standard, be considered devastating and life changing. In order to be clear, without the specific details, these are injuries where an arm, a leg, or both were lost, heavy burns, missing fingers, a hand and more. In addition, every single person was young, really young.

Each of them had a similar attitude and interest in continuing to serve, to perform, to function and to make a difference in the world. How this plays out for each person is not known right now as these injuries were all recent. The key is in the attitude. There was not a ‘pity me’ anywhere to be found. Everything was about a new door opening.

A new opportunity was being presented. A reason they were chosen to be in this role

and what were they going to do with it. It is one thing to hear or read these stories in the media, it is entirely different to be with these inspirational young people and hear right from their mouths of their intentions and their view of life.

If you find this story to give you a level of inspiration try to reflect on it when you are finding things not working and obstacles getting in your way. Think of these young people who will let nothing get in their way.

You are meant to be successful, let nothing get in your way.