The End of The First Quarter of 2015

computer-calendar-planningIn a few days the First Quarter of 2015 will be completed. How did you make out? If you created and wrote out or otherwise created a plan, how did the reality compare to the plan?

Large publicly traded companies go through this comparison on a regular basis. Entire departments spend the majority of their time and effort verifying, recording and presenting these differences. At the very least, any business owner should be tracking their numbers on a quarterly if not more regular basis.

Ever hear the saying, if you don’t know where you are, how will you get to where you’re going? In fact how will you know when you get there?

The point is we all must know where we are in business. We all must have some type of a plan to compare what we are actually doing so we are able to check in and make changes if necessary.  These changes may be to the plan itself or to how we are conducting our business. There should be an advisory board or some type of accountability or feedback group put in place in order to not live in a void or as some might say ‘live in a bubble’.

By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen

Let’s assume this year began and no plan was put in place. Let’s assume if you are a large business you accepted ‘ditto’ – same as last year  Let’s assume if you are a small business owner you did not create a plan for the year at all. It is not too late in either case!

For the large company, how about providing some leadership development? Why not invest in your employees for the future of the business?

For the small business owner how about your own personal development and building up your leadership skills?

In both of these cases the payoff is huge and the relative investment is small. If this is something you are considering or thinking “now that you mentioned it, Mitch”, contact me at for help in developing your plan.

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Mitch Tublin is a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer who resides in Stamford, CT.

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How to Get Into The Spirit of the Season

How might you get into the spirit of the season, make others feel good and feel good about yourself too?

Check out a few items on this list to get the ball rolling, and feel free to add your own items below in the comments section.

1. Greet people with your wonderful blessing – your smile – look people in the eye and greet them. “Good Morning” or “Good Day”…
2. When driving, actually STOP at the STOP sign, STOP at the Right On Red Corner and STOP for those in crosswalks. Who knows maybe others will catch on too!
3. Tell someone you know how great they look! Tell someone you know how much they mean to you and how great it is to have them in your life.
4. Call a client or a customer to simply ask them how they are planning to spend their holiday. Thank them for your relationship and their doing business with you.
5. Volunteer in some way in your community to help others. Possibly it is a toy drive or working in a soup kitchen or collecting goods, clothes or toys for those in need.
6. Slow Down. Stop Rushing. Take a Moment and Breath. It is okay, turn off your electronic devices. Nothing will happen for these few moments.
7. Pray. In the way that works best for you – either with your group in an organized manner or by yourself. Peace on earth. Good will toward others. Since we are not in the U.S. Senate or Congress can’t the rest of us just get along?

Would you like to add a few items to this list? Comment below and add your items.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Lists Are Not Just Written For Christmas

making-listsWe are creatures of habit. Our habits have been created ever since we began to attend our formal schooling and class work. The day or two before the homework or assignment is due is when the majority of people begin to complete the work. The night or two before the big exam is when the majority of people really begin to study the material.

How do you create your own method of accountability? A way to make certain things which need to be completed are completed and do not fall through the cracks?

Many people are list makers. The 3M Company thanks you! They created the sticky note in all different sizes and colors just for the list makers. These sticky notes have that sliver of glue on the top of one side so the sticky note may be placed just about anywhere to remind the writer of something written on it.

List makers have a point. The research proves that if you are going to purchase items in a store such as for home repairs at Lowe’s, if you go with a list and just purchase what is on your list your time in the store will be more efficient and you will spend less money than if you went to Lowe’s with no list and just relied upon your memory for what items to purchase. The same result for clothes shopping or going to the grocery store. Utilizing a list saves you time and saves you money.

Your list making may take place on the 3M sticky notes, regular paper or on a device. Some people utilize Evernote or Google docs and share their list with others who might wish to interact with the list.

How about personal growth and personal development? Do you have a list for this for yourself? Maybe you need to work on your listening skills? Maybe you offer too freely your advice and opinion and so loudly no one would ever challenge you or tell you to your face what a buffoon you are?

Here is my challenge to you. Right now create your own list of your top ten areas you would like to enhance or develop further for yourself – your own personal growth and development list. Place a check mark next to the top three. Right away – do not overthink this – no you do not need to text anyone to find out which three.

Now place a start date next to each one. Let’s get started on making this happen for you right now!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Where is The Value in the Value Meal?

You see the ads in the fast food industry for the value meal.  The $1 burgers.

The $5 foot long.   I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  So would you bring a client you are trying to get to know – to a place to eat where you each order a Value Meal?  Probably Not!

Here is my question: why do you make price the main concern when you seek advice, a coach or a mentor?   My most successful clients know the end game either before we meet or they get it after our initial call.  If you are not willing to make the investment in yourself of time, effort and money how will you achieve your goals?   Let me know.

Why Do Mastermind Groups Take You To A Higher Level

When you were in grade school all the way through your highest level of formal education, why do you think there were tests? Was it really to obtain the highest score so grades would be handed out by scores on tests?
Is it possible that a test date was implemented to create urgency and accountability onto the student so they would formulate the study habits necessary to score well?
Out in the real world, who brings you your accountability?
Mastermind Groups are where like minded individuals meet in person, on the phone or on the internet on a regular basis and share their stories, offer advice from personal experience to each other and create accountability to each other. Are you in a Mastermind Group or have you been in one? Tell us about your experience?