Ready To Jump Ship?

Ready To Jump Ship? Are you in a position, known as a job, and you are thinking, “I have this idea, this passion, to do XYZ, time keeps moving and I just need to leave this J – O – B, and go do it!”. Are you thinking this thought right now? And how often do you think this thought? Good for you for thinking.

It is great that you have a drive and a passion inside of you. Numerous people are just floating. The topic of floating is an entire article to be published in a major publication to be released soon. A word of caution – take heed. Create a plan. If possible have a partner or another person to conduct your new venture with. Together work on a plan. Specific actions items and dates attached. Work with an experienced coach to bring accountability and to ask you both questions which will push you and bring about enlightened thinking.

Initially complete as much of the foundation items as possible before leaving your job. The job is bringing in income. Your new venture must show the ability to replace that income before you leave your job. What exactly does this mean? It will mean different things for different people depending upon their overhead and their monthly budget.

One item it does mean for everyone is to prove that your concept will be one that people are willing to pay money for. You may be offering a service or a product. It cannot be created in a bubble. You must know, for a fact, if people will pay for the service or the product. For certain people, which is likely the majority, an income stream must be seen from the new business venture prior to exiting their job. In the planning process dream big – on paper!  Begin to map out the growth plan you are shooting for and by when.

You may be thinking, “Mitch, seriously, why?” It is critical to conduct this activity now as this will form the basis for certain items which must be completed sooner than later. One item might be to set up the proper business entity by working with a CPA and a lawyer. The same for the banking relationship. If your path for growth is slower, it is possible that you will want to wait a little longer before taking these steps. Either way it is wise to speak with a CPA and a lawyer about your plans early on in the process.

In summary, don’t jump ship without a plan and a strategy. If you do not know how to create one contact me. We will work together so you have what you need to follow your passion.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Will You Be Successful in Your Business When Something Goes Awry?

The importance of creating and writing up your mission and vision statements for your business are critical. The regular visitation of your goals and plans to achieve these goals with timelines are what keeps you and your team on track.

There are times, especially when you are really busy, successful, constantly working, fighting fires and providing your clients with your best, that one may be tempted to push to the side the regular review of the goals and planning process. In actual fact, this is the most important time to review where you are and where you intend to go.

An excellent example is to be prepared for when the unexpected takes place and the wrong items or actions begin to take place. These may be caused from within such as technical issues, personnel or a problem from the outside such as a client incident, a personal relationship gone badly or an industry distress situation.

It is for these reasons that your goals and your plans need to be reviewed on a regular basis. What if cases discussed and considered. Potentially a few “Plan B” scenarios are created ‘just in case’. It is this exact process which actually will prepare you and those involved to be able to quickly react if and when something goes awry.

When you are faced with adversity in your business you correct your course. No one has ever taken their business directly in a straight line from start up to a business success story. Some may speak about it taking place that way. It does not happen this way though – Ever. It is a zigzag path to success.

It is through the regular review process that you become alerted to something which is just not right, it is off center. This will then permit you to put into place the course corrections needed to continue toward the ultimate goals.

If you are ready to map out your mission, vision, goals, plan and more contact Mitch Tublin today –

How Do You React When Something Goes Wrong?

How Do You React When Something Goes Wrong?

“Well in a perfect world…..”   Have you ever said these words or heard them stated?  If we lived in a perfect world you would never have to worry about something going wrong as nothing would ever go wrong.

Breaking News – we do not live in a perfect world!

There are different levels of what may go wrong in our lives on a daily basis.  In addition, there are different situations we are in when something may go wrong in terms of your audience and who is around you and influenced by how you react.  You may be around other people, or your family, children or even a large audience. Things will go wrong in our business no matter how much we plan. Part of life is things just happen. It is how we react when something goes wrong which makes us who we are and in many ways determine the level of success you will achieve.

In each combination how you react says quite a bit about you and what people think about you.
Here are a few situations you may have found yourself in. What was your reaction?

For example – You are driving in your car and then you are cut off by another driver. How do you react?  How do you react when this happens and your kids are in the car with you?

I know growing up in New York City, the horn and the bird flip were fairly common practices seen daily on any roadway.  Stop at a traffic light after the incident and heads shouting out the window “Hi, how are you” often followed – Not!

Another example – In running your business, how do you react when someone on your team puts out some work on the internet that is riddled with errors?   Are you able to handle the situation as a teaching moment and rise up and above?

The incident happened already.  Your ability to teach and team build is right here in front of you.  Do you take it?

How is the corrective action carried out?  These are all moments to use in creating a stronger team for your future business growth.

A Recent Example – Do you speak at events in front of a large audience?  What would you do if there were microphone or sound system issues? How would you handle yourself out on the stage in front of several hundred audience members who are mostly fans?

The specific point is if you are an expert and plan to be in front of others representing your business and your brand, you must be able to have the control and the presence to relax and go with the flow. Are you able to relax and maintain your presence?

For methods to gain these attributes immediately schedule your initial business strategy session with Mitch Tublin, Business Strategy Consultant, at today.

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Ever Build Your Own House or Build Your Own Business?

Think this over even if you have never built your own house from the ground up.
Let’s follow the process. You have a dream of a house you just know is your dream house. You wouldn’t just build this house anywhere so you begin to look around at geographically where do you want to live in your dream house. You then need to determine which neighborhood, street and lot location, based upon availability.
No arguments so far, right?
You might begin to look for the right architect or builder or both at this point. You might get into the permitting and zoning process or have an attorney start to get into the process with you, your architect and your builder.
Would you begin to buy your tile floor for the kitchen right now or the couch you envision in the family room? I doubt it!
Some of the discussions with the architect and builder include the plans, the materials you will use for the framework, the windows, doors, exterior, decks, roof, style of home and more. The experts may steer you convincingly toward other options you didn’t consider and maybe do not even need or want.
Are you purchasing lighting fixtures for the Master Bathroom right now while you are having these discussions?
There is much more to this story and maybe I will continue on one day in the near future. The point of the story up until this point is does the thought process make sense and seem sound to you? Let’s see how this might relate to your business and how you think and what you do in your business shall we?
Your dream house might be compared to your dream for your business. The geography and where you locate your business might be similar to your niche and the street you choose to live on might be compared to the ideal client you determine you work with. Are you following along?
The permitting and zoning process might be similar to your need to legally establish your business by Inc. or LLC or similar and other legal and tax registrations.
It is at this point one might start being tempted to purchase trick systems or the famous bright shiney objects. This is why I ask the question would you buy the tile floor for your kitchen?
For the house you hired your architect and your builder. For your business these might be your web developer, graphic designer or copywriter. Do you clearly have a vision of what you want for your business and a plan, as you would for your house, or are you being sold some items you do not really need? Does it makes sense to spend $10k on your website and membership programs when you do not have one single customer?
Hopefully this analogy provides you with a wake up call of sorts for where you are in your business and what you might consider waiting to do versus what you are doing right now and why?

World Cup 2010 Not A Sports Story Here

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is, for the majority of the world, the sports event of their lives, until the next one.
You have to listen in for at least a few minutes of one of the broadcasts. Take a minute right now if you have not listened to a game or part of a game yet. Do you hear that humming? It almost sounds like you are in the hive.
These are the vuvuzela being blown into to make this noise. The games go on and on for at least 90 minutes plus injury time. All the time the vuvuzela are blowing.
Sports story ends onto the analogy – this humming noise is similar to buzz going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur. When you are starting out on your new business venture you have so many ideas spinning around in your head. Which is the right one?  If you are established in your business, how do you grow it?
Next you are thinking about the marketing and the sales.  Look at these products or methods of marketing maybe I should buy some of these?
Did you even set up your business properly you wonder as you fall asleep at 2 AM? Maybe your business needs to be online? Isn’t that where everyone is taking their business now. How do I do that? You start to call a webmaster.
You don’t even know what you want in a web site and you are considering plunking down $5 grand for a webmaster.

If you are established in your online business already possibly you are considering hiring an online business manager.

Mmmm? What exactly is that person going to cost me?  You spend more time thinking about what restaurant for going out to dinner and yet you might make these decisions without considering how they fit into your plan and strategy for your business.   Humming and buzzing sounds going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur.
The point here is this – do yourself a favor. Quiet the noise in your head and work with a coach, a mentor someone who knows the options and will guide you through the process. Someone who will ask you questions, get you to think and plan a strategy first before you start to hire people and spend money without a clear plan and a strategy. A great indication if your coach or mentor is the right person is who do they work with? Who are their coaches and mentors? You will benefit greatly from the knowledge they gain from their continued growth.
Let me ask you my fellow entrepreneurs – what questions are buzzing around in your head?