Two Areas Are Key to Your Business Results

Business StrategyWhen you live in a private residence and there is a snowstorm, you have two options. You either go out to shovel away the snow so you are able to leave your home and drive your car, or you do not do anything and just wait until warm weather arrives. If you want results, which in this case are represented by a clear walkway and driveway, you must take action steps and have a behavior consistent with taking action.

So what do you feel when your business is not getting the results you expect? Do you have a long list of reasons and excuses? Do you cast blame on your team, employees or vendors? Or do you recognize that you may not have been taking the right action steps or creating a behavior consistent with the right action steps to take.

You might answer, “Well, I have always done business this way and it has always worked out just fine for us.” Here is the honest assessment of that answer – The world around all of us is in a mode of constant change. You must be willing and open to change, just to keep up. In order to grow and move ahead in dramatic fashion you need to be strategic about the change required. The direction or the end goal is the target point. Then we look at what action steps and behaviors are necessary in order to achieve the target point.

Once this is reviewed and agreed upon as being the right course of action toward the correct target, a review of your resources, training and funding is determined to be appropriate for this undertaking; or perhaps where more is required in one or more areas. For example, you might determine from this study that it is necessary to bolster your sales team or create a sales team for your business. The point here is not to fight change. Do not become complacent and assume the way you have always done things is good enough to get by in the future. Do not over complicate the answers. Often the reaction is to change too much and turn everything in the business upside down. This may not be necessary at all. Of course there will be occasions where turning everything in the business upside down is the answer. These processes must be taken with care as there is a lot at stake. Take the time and the opportunity to map out your strategy for moving forward. You will find it to be time and money well spent.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who lives in Stamford, CT.

What Would You Say If You Have An Opportunity To Be Face To Face With One Of Your Mentors An Icon?

There it was, my opportunity to be face to face with Zig Ziglar and have a conversation.

The one and the same, author of “Secrets of Closing The Sale” among numerous other Titles, Audios and videos.  One of the masters on the importance of mindset, planning, goal setting and inspiration.

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes is –

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, hosted her BOSS event in Dallas, Texas and this is where I was going to meet, sit with and chat with Zig Ziglar.
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Hanging Up a Framed Photo and Your Business Are Related How?

You found the perfect frame for your photo. It was the frame you dreamed of finding. The plan was set as you already knew exactly where to hang this frame which would house the photos which you printed out from your digital camera. You bought a picture hook when you bought the frame. You have a hammer already to go. Up goes the picture hook in the exact place where you want your new frame hung up.
You place the frame up and onto the picture hook.
There it is as you step back and see…the crooked picture frame hanging there? Okay so you play around with the frame a bit and it always ends up crooked. Not a little crooked – a lot crooked.
Does this ever happen to you in your business?
Do you have examples which you might relate to – similar to this story so far?
Here is what I did when this happened to me recently.
I turned over the frame and placed a ruler on the top of the frame on the back. This was to take a measurement and see where things were right now before taking any action. The answer was not what I expected. The hanging piece was installed one full inch off center! Gathering in the facts of what would be necessary to effectively and efficiently correct this situation, I brought in a few tools which would be needed. With a pencil, I marked the exact location of where the hanging piece needed to be installed.
Unscrewed the piece, redrilled holes in locations which I neatly and specifically marked for the screws and then reinstalled the hanging piece. The picture frame was placed where my daughter needed it to be. This entire process took me less then five minutes.
How does this relate to your business?
What do you do when something is out of whack or just seems out of place?
What if the event announcements are placed in your blog by accident instead of on your events page?
Do you just go in and fix it?
Or do you take the opportunity to be a leader and a manager by finding out how this happened and make it a teaching and learning moment for your team?