The Results of The CNN Political Debate


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Last night, in fact as this article is being written, CNN held a three hour debate by the Republican Candidates making the cut for the eleven allocated spots. For anyone who complains about watching a baseball game on TV – seriously three hours?

Here are the results of the CNN Political Debate…  

Not exactly! Here is the question for you in your life and your specific business: Is there a result from this debate which would definitively impact your life or your specific business one way or another?

Please do share this with all of us in the comments section.

The remark often made is that Mr. Trump is an entertainer and therefore he has no place in politics. Wouldn’t it be closer to the truth to say that the political environment which we have today, demands a candidate who is an entertainer?

In the grand scheme of life what is exactly changed by these debates? These are shows put on by either cable or broadcast TV in order to attract viewers and sell commercial time which translates across the board into making money. Mmm?

Sounds a lot like entertainment to me? 25 MILLION estimated viewers were tuning in to be entertained!

For a number of years my travels for work often took me to London, among numerous other international locations. One piece of advice given to me was: “Don’t talk about religion or politics, don’t talk about futbal unless you know what you are talking about and never, ever, ever talk about the Queen! Based upon this advice no stand is being taken here in support of any political party or aspiring candidate. For those in the small business community what do these debates or politics in general do for you in your life or in your business?

Seriously, help me out here – talk to me, what is it that is missing or not clear to me?

It is not to say that the topics covered are not important. They are seriously important. Not one single second was spent discussing how to help the growth of the small business owner. Not one single second was spent speaking about the crushing regulations placed upon the small business owners. Possibly worse is – not one question was asked to bring this topic of conversation to the forefront.

Consider the following: A report by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated in the third quarter of 2013 total net job growth by firms with 1–49 employees accounted for 40 percent which was 41 percent for large firms with 500 or more employees!

You cannot overlook the role of small business in understanding the state of the economy in the U.S. Small business owners are innovators and entrepreneurs and are the backbone of our communities – their power should not be underestimated!

It you believe these statements of fact – how in the world is it possible that not one single second during this political debate was spent speaking about small business?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach and business consultant who resides in Stamford, CT.