How Do You Get So Much Done?

How Do You Get So Much Done?When we meet or see others who are just rocking it, and getting so much done, we ask ourselves one question: How do you get so much done? After all we all have the same amount of time don’t we?

Prioritize. The answer is the ability to prioritize! Yes, time management skills are important to have and to utilize. However, without the ability to prioritize, time management skills and tools will not be of any assistance at all.

Another important area many of us know about is goal setting. Real goal setting where a timeline is established and there is accountability involved. Even with perfect goal setting established, without the action of prioritizing, goal setting alone will not make the

Being part of a high level Mastermind Group is also an excellent way to move forward and to soar above everyone else. The selection of the right group is critical. This process begins with who the person is that runs the group and then who are the other participants. A solid Mastermind Group permits exponential growth as it is the combined minds who are at work all for each other. Extremely powerful and yet, without setting your priorities it is not enough.

Okay Mitch, we get it! What does it mean already to set priorities?

It may be as simple as the following – every single day I will see my family and my kids and tell them at least one time I love them. After this, the single highest priority on my daily agenda will be the one thing which must be done. Maybe it is to spend thirty minutes on a new project. Maybe it is to spend sixty minutes mentoring three employees.

What is the one thing each day which must be done that day?

Once this is established and written out, what is the second thing which must be done that day? Go through the process. Write it out. One more time, what is the third thing which must be done today? Go through the process. Write it out.

Absolutely nothing else is to take your focus or priority off of the three items you have written out as your daily priorities.

Are you interested in more priorities for each day? Go for it. Just remember, each must be completed in order that day and nothing else may get in the way – nothing else.

Warning for you – this is not easy to accomplish. Care to try it out? Give yourself a month or more to establish how many priorities you are able to handle each day. Let me know how you make out.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Set Your Priorities for Success in Business and Life

PrioritizeHave you ever climbed up a ladder which was over 25 ft. high? Then, when you are near the top, you have to stretch up and reach to unscrew a spot light, and then step and reach out again to replace the old bulb with a new one. As you climb up the ladder you look at each rung and step to make certain you keep your footing. Once you are near the top you realize you will need to stretch out a bit past the ladder to get to the light.

For success in business you have to set up a similar method of completing your projects and attaining the goals you set. You are not able to just go right to the top of the ladder. You must set reasonable goals to be achieved, similar to each rung you step up on the ladder. Once you achieve your goal you may find a bit more work needs to be done to really get the results you want in order to get to where you want to go.

This would be similar to stretching up to reach the light bulb. There are no shortcuts. You have to take an orderly path up the ladder, one rung at a time. You don’t skip up two or three rungs. You climb slowly and steady up the ladder. This is the same process for your business. It does not mean this process has to take years! For certain businesses with this orderly process may take a few months or even weeks. The point is you have to set your priorities.

Let’s consider the ladder again. As you are climbing up the ladder, you see one or two beautifully colored butterflies gliding nearby. Would you stop and go back down the ladder, find your camera or iPhone, and then go back up the ladder to take pictures? Once the pictures are taken, would you then post the photos and send them around to your friends? Would you climb down the ladder and print one or two of the photos out as you realize it would look perfect in your den in a frame? You now realize you don’t have the right frame so you get in your car and drive to the mall to purchase the perfect frame for your new butterfly picture. And this story goes on, as the picture has to be hung in the proper location… This story may seem ridiculous to you. Please ask yourself how it is any different than spending too much time on Twitter or Facebook? How is it any different than forgetting the birthday of your spouse or the anniversary of a special event to you both?

The ability to achieve success is directly related to your ability to prioritize. The next time you think you are falling off track think of this story of climbing the ladder to remind you to get to the light bulbs and stop chasing the butterflies. If you are ready to shine the light on your priorities contact Mitch Tublin now at or call 877-907-8223.

Are You Focused on The Target for Success in Business and Life?

Target for SuccessOften people who begin their own business, or say they want to start their own business, are not aware of the simple fact that, by definition, a business is set up to make a profit. There is money exchanged for goods or services which is intended to eventually exceed the amount spent on the business. This includes a non-profit organization which would cease to exist if there were no funds from grants or contributions to sustain the work they perform.

Boiled down to the simplest form, if you have an idea or a product concept you need to assess if there are paying consumers for the product or the service in order to begin laying down the foundation for a business built for success. If no one is interested in paying for the goods or services it might be time for plan ‘B’.

Another item for discussion is, what is your time and your money spent on when creating or growing your business? This is in no way a statement saying that colors, branding, and other tools for promotion are not  valuable. What is being said is we all need to prioritize where and how we spend our time and our resources when building up a new business or growing one to a new level.

It is about setting up your priorities. Just like in your life at home with your family. Which is the priority – cleaning up the garage? Or reading to your child or going to their Little League game and watching and cheering? Not sitting there at the game staring at your iPhone. Schedule the garage clean up for another time. There are a number of gifted entrepreneurial people, who are full of energy and spirit, who continually spend their precious time and resources on areas where they have no need to be involved with at the present time. They are starting their business or going through transforming their company, and they are spending all of their time and resources on color schemes, logos, business themes and even copywriting.

If you are not certain what your business is about specifically, if you are not certain in your newly transformed business that you will have paying customers, this should be your priority. The priority must be the selling proposition. Will your goods or services command a payment for them, and will there be enough consumers to make the business a real ongoing enterprise?

If you are not in agreement with the above statements it is probably because you are actually performing a ‘hobby’ not a business. A hobby is defined, “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.” So what you do is attend events to see people you know and like. You enjoy joining groups and speaking about all of the things you are going to do one day. The reality is you never implement anything. You just talk about it. You earn little or no money. You are not running a business.

None of this is to sit in judgment. These are the facts. The sooner you come to terms with reality, the better to create the changes necessary to turn around the current results you have up until now. This is not meant to be harsh.

If these words disturb you, ask yourself why? The lack of prioritization, the continual loss of focus and not having someone to hold you accountable are some of the biggest reasons people fail in their efforts to create a success in business.

If you are ready to face reality and set yourself up for a business and life all about success, contact Mitch Tublin today or call 877-907-8223.


George Steinbrenner once stood before me and said…

How many people are able to start their story with that line:  “George Steinbrenner once stood before me and said…”     He was called ‘The Boss’.
From a Great Lakes Shipping owner family and in the shipping business primarily before sports. Many have said George Steinbrenner was an entrepreneur. Here is one quote about him all entrepreneurs should take to heart: “He was very business-oriented, very direct, and very definite in what he wanted.” Think about that one for a moment – “…very definite in what he wanted…” You are able to read more about George Steinbrenner here:

Another thought about the passing of ‘The Boss’ is maybe he represents the old way of conducting business. In the environment today and the shift in priorities and the way we think about work would a boss such as George Steinbrenner have the ability to run a business the way he ran his businesses?
Even a sports team like the New York Yankees?

The other day a client spoke with me about an incident witnessed at a retail establishment. An upscale salon where she was having her hair cut had an incident with a woman nearby who was having her hair cut by an always fully booked expert. The patron was apparently a little bit abusive and it was continuous.  All of a sudden the expert cutting her hair stopped cutting and loudly stated “I will not be able to continue to cut your hair, I apologize”. And then walked away with scissors and comb in hand.
In the next few minutes there was shuffling, some rearranging and apologizes and another person completed the haircut for the patron. Think about the various aspects – these appointments are booked four weeks or more in advance, other customers witnessed the activity, the hair expert is one of the most sought after experts and other patrons had to wait a bit while this incident was handled. I know George Steinbrenner never owned an exclusive salon but I think I know how he would have handled it. What do you think?

In many ways the passing of George Steinbrenner represents the passing of an old way of conducting business.  Is this true?