Are We All Really That Busy?

Are we all busy people - or is it time managementYou see a person that you know walking by you – does this conversation sound familiar:

“Hey, how are you?“
“Great! Really busy! You?”
“Yeah, me too! Busy, busy.”
“Nice to see you.”
“Yes, same. We should plan to get together – two couples – one day soon.”
“Yeah, let’s do that! Gotta, go!”
“Say hello at home.”
“Will do.”

Aren’t we all so – – – BUSY!

Seriously, what is the deal? Why do we all find that being busy is important and that being busy equates to actually executing and getting important and critical things accomplished?

My proposal to you is to get unplugged everyday as soon as possible. Plan out what you must get accomplished each day and then figure out the priorities and begin to execute the plan for the day. Better yet – plan out the day before you plug in at all!

Right away things that people will bring up and ask about are:

  • checking email
  • checking voicemail
  • reading and responding to text messages

Rather than suggest a full ‘cold turkey’ approach, my suggestion is to set a time and then a time limit each day for these activities.

For Example: Schedule three or four specific times each day for fifteen minutes each in total. During this time check email, texts and voicemail. These times might be at approximately 10 AM – 1 PM – 3 PM – 5:30 PM.

The times – how many there are (two or three or four) – how long exactly is the time period (15, 10, 20 minutes) – is a personal preference.

The point is to set up a schedule with the parameters and then follow it! Adhere to the new schedule. If the 5:30 PM time slot bothers you consider why it bothers you? Are you feeling as if it is too early as you will be working and reading and responding to email all night long at least up until 11 PM? Or is the 5:30 PM time after 5 PM and you only have access to email in your office and you leave every single day at 4:55 PM?

It is not for me to judge how anyone conducts their work. This is about being more efficient, effective and productive in the work we all are doing.The busy work which may creep into anyone’s work habits must be erased. Analyze what really needs to have your focus and time devoted to and spend your time and effort on that and much less time checking your email.

Use the comments area to let me know where you find yourself keeping busy instead of being productive

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

Where Do You Spend Your Time and Focus

clock-time-focusDo you have an intentional method you regularly utilize to determine what you will spend your time on?  In other words, what will your attention and focus be on and which items take priority over other items?

This spans the spectrum from personal care, to family, to community to business and more.  How do you determine what is going to be done first, second, third or in the ‘to do’ pile? 

For example in the personal category – do you shave first and shower second or shower first and shave second?  Do you go through this same exact routine all of the time? Why?

In the family category do you begin each day giving your spouse a hug and a kiss and tell them you love them?  Every single day?

In business do you answer your email first thing in the morning or later in the day? Is it at approximately the same time every day or do you answer email all day long?

These are examples for you to utilize in order to consider your own reality. Write the out here for your reference.












Let’s now look at focus especially in career and business. Do you carry through all the way to completion?  At what point do you take a break and possibly walk around outside of the office for a five or ten minute ‘clear your head break’?  You might say ‘no break’or you might say ‘at least every 90 minutes’. Do you take this action step all of the time? Some of the time?  How do you handle this area – focus?

The entire point of these questions and the thinking you are being asked to do is to have you consider if there are other behaviors you might consider which would make you either more productive or free you up to be more creative?

Potentially you will come up with other questions or other thoughts which will take you along a path to follow toward achieving the stated goal.

Try it out and let me know what you find out about yourself.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, speaker and trainer based in Stamford, CT.

Is Productivity In Your Vocabulary?

post-it-noteSomething needs to be done. It must be completed. You started it and now you must finish it. What does it take for you to get it done?

Let’s back up a bit. Let’s take a look at something personal. And let’s take a look at something related to business.

You have always wanted to learn another language. For example – Mandarin or Spanish – how long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon achieving this personal goal?

Maybe you need to touch and feel the personal project. For example – your garage has become unmanageable. There are so many boxes and items in the garage you cannot pull a vehicle into it. The project is to clean it out completely. How long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

In your business or job there is a project which needs to be outlined – described in detail – written up with an estimated budget. When it was passed over to you for your part last week you were told there was no rush. You know it must be done. How long would this take you to complete? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

Maybe you are the leader of the project? Same questions for you?

Every single one of us has the same 24 hours each and every day. How we choose to spend our time is where everyone creates their own path.

Generally how would other people, who know you, describe you? Would you be described as a workaholic? A Go-Getter? A person on a mission? A procrastinator?

Do you consider yourself a productive person?

Here are a few ways to make certain each project stays on track and is completed.

The first item is as much as possible complete one project before taking on another one. This is where you are doing the work. Complete the work on the garage before you add in clearing the path by the side of the house from weeds which are overgrowing in the garden.

Secondly is write down the project or goal and how much time on what days you will work on the project.

Third is to bring in another person or a group who will hold you accountable.

Keep the record. Review this record before the next project and then compare notes. Are you using your time more effectively and efficiently? Are there more items to list? Absolutely! Why stop here?

Do these three and do them well, consistently and without stalling and you are 90% there.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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May I Buy Some Time Please?

buytimepleaseIf your printer runs out of ink or paper you or someone who works for you can just head over to the nearest STAPLES store and buy ink cartridges or paper.  When these are put into the printer you are back in action. The ink and the paper are commodities you use them and you just go and buy more.

On the other hand, time cannot be purchased. If you take an hour to work with a client who was booked for thirty minutes, the extra thirty minutes is lost forever.  If you are working on a marketing plan and had planned and scheduled to work on it for two hours and instead you work on it for six hours, the now lost four hours will never return, they are gone forever.

Everyone is busy, in fact, when surveyed, one of the top five items people wish they had more of is time. Every type of survey researching this question finds more time to be one of the top five most requested or wished for items. The question must be asked – if we cannot buy more time and we all want more time how do we solve this supply and demand imbalance?

The answer is we have to create more time within our day by re-allocating what each of us spends our time on. Here are three actionable steps for you to put into use right now.

The absolute number one habit to form is to create a time management system or process which you will adhere to and will work for you. In a perfect world this system would be combined with your goal tracking and action steps you may have set up. This does not have to be an electronic or digital system. It might make sense if you will be sharing the information with a number of other folks. However, the main point is that it has to work for you first.

The second habit is to stop trying to always be and look busy. Busy does not always translate into productive. Time spent being productive is one of the essential attributes we each have to have for ourselves.  Hands down regardless of the type of business you are engaged in, sales and marketing are where the majority of your time should be spent, and will be the most productive time you will spend in your business.

The third action item is grouping. The ability to group activities creates great efficiencies. A few examples would be to select an hour in the morning or the early afternoon to make your phone calls. Avoid texting and calling people up at all hours of the day.

Try out any one of these items or try out all three. Give yourself a full month or possibly two months to witness the efficiencies created.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Top Ten Ways To Make Certain Your Day Is Non-Productive and Uninspiring

Business SuccessAn inspirational speaker or book takes you places you just love! Don’t you enjoy these moments? People are so creative and we are all so blessed to meet other people and enjoy their unique gifts!

What do we do when we meet someone who is, shall we say, ‘off the grid’? In order to be of service to some of these folks – this article is for them. Hope it helps. Feel free to pass it on.

Some folks want to go out of their way to have a non-productive and uninspiring day. Rather than make this task so difficult for them, here is a list of top ten ways to make certain your day is non-productive and uninspiring:

1.  Start off your day, as soon as you wake up and say out loud, “Here we go again, another day, another dollar.”

2.  Grab the remote before you even wash your hands and face, and turn on Constant Negative News. Or turn on your personal favorite negative news channel, with the volume as high as possible.

3.  As you are leaving your residence think to yourself, “What a dump. I can’t believe I live here.”

4.  Anytime you are driving or walking you note the person in front of you has no clue how to drive or walk and you maneuver to pass in front of them as soon as possible.

5.  Throughout your day, anytime you are on a line, you are certain the line you are on is moving slower than the one next to you. If you should change lines to the faster line, you are now certain the line you were on before is now moving faster than the line you are on now.

6.  If anyone greets you and smiles, you look down and grunt and keep walking.

7.  Never smile or laugh throughout the day. What is so funny anyway?

8.  Check your email, your phone, your watch and the clock on the wall more often than your heart beats each hour.

9.  Have absolutely no written plan or agenda for your day, or the next day, or the next day. In fact you wonder where the years have gone as time moves so slowly at work and so quickly through your life.

10.  At the end of your day, you have no idea what value you have added to anyone, or what you have accomplished or not. All you want to know is what is on TV tonight or maybe catch up on your TiVo recordings.

Do you know anyone who has one or more of these traits? Pass this article on to them.

The truth is if you see yourself in even one of these items in your day we have some work to do.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

The Making of A Champion

The message on my voicemail this morning had a familiar voice, yet I knew I had never met the person before, Jim Tressel, the current Head Football Coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The message said:

“Hi Mitch, this is Coach Tressel, from The Ohio State, would you kindly return my call sometime today or tomorrow preferably between XX AM and YY PM. My private phone number is XXX-YYY-ZZZZ, Looking forward to speaking with you. Thank you.”

Now, I am not a graduate of The Ohio State, nor do I know why this message was left for me. If it were not for the fact it was clearly his voice, my assumption would be this was a prank call. Not knowing why this call was placed to me, I returned the call and found out.

For those who do not know, Jim Tressel has run one of the most successful Division 1 Football programs in the country for many years. His program has produced a number of NFL players. Read more here on Jim Tressel

This is why sports fans were pretty shocked to learn about recent developments, where a few issues are going on with some major, star, Division 1 athletes who are starters for The Ohio State Buckeyes’ Football team. Read more here on The Ohio State sports They must each sit out a number of games this upcoming Fall Season. In addition, the Head Coach must sit out a number of games as well. Basically all you need to know as the details would take quite a long time to cover. All of the details and more are readily available at

Most people wonder what type of learning or lessons would be provided by the NCAA, The Ohio State or anyone in the football program to reset the mindset of these star athletes and their Head Coach.

On the phone, he was not really specific, however, clearly someone who knew Jim Tressel, had a daughter at The Ohio State currently as a student. While conducting research online for a course on business networking, apparently she came across my blogs on the subject throughout the month of March. During her research, she read where I work with Senior Executives, Competitive Athletes and others on what matters most to them in life among other highly productive and life enhancing topics. It seems she may have been discussing this topic online with her family and this is how Jim Tressel, supposedly, heard about me.

One thing I am not going to do is to jeopardize our potential business relationship. What I will say is this, my workshops on Effective Personal Leadership and The Making of A Champion are perfectly suited for instilling the right thinking and behaviors necessary for success in business and in life for participants. There is really not much more I should say about what we may be working on, where and for how long. The facts are, if we work together, the Head Coach and the players, we will make great strides in the lives of these young men and everyone else who takes part in the workshop.

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*This is a fictional story just for fun…Happy April Fool’s Day!*