Use It Or Lose It!

check-wenkroyThe month of December brings along much joy, warmth and pleasure to many people. It signifies the end of the calendar year and for a great many organizations the end of their fiscal year.  Corporations, not for profit charities and a variety of associations and other businesses have allocated funds for development, training and materials which if the funds are not utilized by the end of the year they are lost.  

Potentially even more impactful to their budget is the allocation in the budget for the upcoming year or two may be reset to the lower number of dollars actually spent in this previous year for this category.  

When this topic is discussed by me certain people say, “This is not true! Why would this  apply to a Non- Profit Organization?”  

It definitely does apply and here is one small example. From a variety of my contacts on the Board of Directors of certain Non-Profit Organizations, they tell me the business and the people in a Non-Profit may need development and training in leadership, communications, and presentation skills more than some of their corporate sponsors. In fact, they would find the money as long as the Non-Profit would agree to spend the money specifically on it and not something else.

If you are in this type of situation or know of an organization which is please stop right now and contact me with your information or an introduction.

This is an investment in the future of your organization. There are many reports which state that organizations are spending quite a bit on leadership development and training within their organization and they still are not seeing the return on their investment.  

Now this is not to knock the Human Resources folks – and let’s be careful here not to feel offended as this is not the purpose here –  often a training and development workshop or course is brought in with the mindset that it is a one time event.  For the most part this is due to the larger organizations who are hired are set up to deliver their workshops and courses in this manner.  Once the workshop or the course ends everyone goes back to conducting themselves exactly as they did prior to the workshop or course.

The more effective method of delivery to have an impact and to create a change in behavior is through spaced repetition. For example – If you consider marketing and the use of media it is through the repetition of the brand, the message, the reason through a  number of different sources which translates into the attainment of a customer.

By incorporating spaced repetition into the delivery, this continued contact and engagement in a variety of methods keep people onboard and accountable. They are able to grow and their behavior changes along with this process.

The ultimate goal and deliverable must be supported from the top of the organization as well. When a shift in culture or behavioral change is the deliverable the fastest way to undo everything is to have a leader in the organization or a manager continue to present themselves the same exact way they always have while expecting everyone else to change.

There are numerous ways to take advantage of this end of year opportunity. Here are a few examples where either a deposit or a full payment in December 2016 will secure top notch development, training and resources for individuals and/or groups:

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Effective Personal Productivity
  • Effective Personal Leadership

These ALL INCLUDE areas where goal setting and the accountability to carry these through are part of the program. Each of these are from start to finish designed for an initial 90 day effort.

Secure the program now! 

Mitch Tublin runs a boutique consulting firm with a main focus on leadership development, strategic initiatives and executive coaching. Based in Stamford, CT. he has clients all over the world.

How Do You Deal With Distraction?

How Do You Deal With Distraction?Let’s begin with a definition of distraction – that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration – A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you’re supposed to be doing. ( and

Now the question? What is on your list? How long is your list? How about you take one minute, right now, 60 seconds and write a list of one or two word distractions you deal with on a daily basis.

Here is the thing – regardless of your workplace – by yourself or in a relaxed dress code more casual start up model or in a more corporate environment -we all – every single one of us deal with distractions every single day. And that is only the workplace, how about your personal life!

Distraction is everywhere!

The most difficult aspect of these distractions is the recovery. Some studies report it takes a full fifteen to twenty minutes to regain the focus you had before the distraction to get back on track with whatever you were working on! Four distractions in one day adds up to over an hour a day trying to regain your focus. Worse is most people are distracted way more than four times each day.

Here is a quick review of many of the common distractions. Feel free to go to the comments section and add in your distraction of note especially if it is not mentioned here.

Social Media and direct messages – Text messages – Email – phone calls

Obsessions with sports, politics, music, movies, restaurants, shopping, eating, smoking, your favorite subject of this month

Technology and Tools

The growth of technology and tools and how pervasive they have become in all of our lives has changed our behavior forever. Technology and devices were going to help us to all become more productive. Instead we are now available all of the time. Our work lives really never end. At least this is the expectation we have bought into. Many of us have an expectation of an immediate response to our email to someone – More so of a direct message via Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn – “it has been almost two minutes! What could they possibly be doing!”  Tell me honestly, you really have never thought this or said this out loud after typing and sending your message?

Online Shopping

The ability to go online to actually purchase with shipping to your home virtually anything has created a 24 X 7 store for anything. From shoes to workout clothes, to homes to cars, to vacations to chainsaws. With a few clicks and some price comparison and reading a couple of reviews – all set – CLICK – PURCHASE CONFIRMED.

The backlash at certain companies is to block the use of the internet in all work areas. No outside access through WIFI or anything – period. Before this was the case you didn’t mind sitting at your desk eating your tuna sandwich or spinach salad with grilled chicken as long as you were able to click around. Now you have to go outside and go somewhere, Starbucks, anywhere where there is a WIFI signal so you may check your personal email and maybe do some shopping or at least window/virtually shopping.

You know, we all know there is much more, let’s stop here.

Ask yourself, seriously ask yourself, what would happen if I turned it all off for a few hours everyday and only gave my focus to my work? Put up an auto-responder message stating from 1 PM until 5 PM (or whatever time you select) no messages will be received or responded to?   What would be the result? Would you become more productive and less distracted? Give it some time as you may have to deal with withdrawal symptoms and you will definitely have to train others to understand and respect your revised work schedule.

Who knows, maybe others will follow your lead and everyone will become more productive together.

Mitch Tublin is a speaker, coach and trainer based in Stamford, CT. Are you looking for Mitch to speak at your next meeting about productivity in the workplace, leadership or more effective communication?

Is Productivity In Your Vocabulary?

post-it-noteSomething needs to be done. It must be completed. You started it and now you must finish it. What does it take for you to get it done?

Let’s back up a bit. Let’s take a look at something personal. And let’s take a look at something related to business.

You have always wanted to learn another language. For example – Mandarin or Spanish – how long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon achieving this personal goal?

Maybe you need to touch and feel the personal project. For example – your garage has become unmanageable. There are so many boxes and items in the garage you cannot pull a vehicle into it. The project is to clean it out completely. How long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

In your business or job there is a project which needs to be outlined – described in detail – written up with an estimated budget. When it was passed over to you for your part last week you were told there was no rush. You know it must be done. How long would this take you to complete? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

Maybe you are the leader of the project? Same questions for you?

Every single one of us has the same 24 hours each and every day. How we choose to spend our time is where everyone creates their own path.

Generally how would other people, who know you, describe you? Would you be described as a workaholic? A Go-Getter? A person on a mission? A procrastinator?

Do you consider yourself a productive person?

Here are a few ways to make certain each project stays on track and is completed.

The first item is as much as possible complete one project before taking on another one. This is where you are doing the work. Complete the work on the garage before you add in clearing the path by the side of the house from weeds which are overgrowing in the garden.

Secondly is write down the project or goal and how much time on what days you will work on the project.

Third is to bring in another person or a group who will hold you accountable.

Keep the record. Review this record before the next project and then compare notes. Are you using your time more effectively and efficiently? Are there more items to list? Absolutely! Why stop here?

Do these three and do them well, consistently and without stalling and you are 90% there.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Wearables – Do You Track Your Steps, Workouts, Sleep Patterns and More?

Some people are not participating in the current wearables epidemic. Others are certain that this is only the tip of the iceberg and there are way more products to come in terms of wearables technology. Different kinds of products to wear and more that they can track.

The Apple Watch has been getting a lot of attention as it has been rolled out and covered by the media extensively. There are a number of other wearables which are not watches exactly yet, they track many aspects of the life of the person who is wearing them.

Some of the more popular are

These are just a handful of the bands you can wear. There are also a number of shirts which contain the wiring within their material to track you as well. The majority of these devices will download your information into a program you set up so you may track yourself over time as well. A recent article stated women under 50 absolutely love these wearables to track their steps, their calories burned and their sleep patterns.

As you may have suspected, this article is NOT about wearables. At least not these wearables. It is about Daily Productivity. How do you keep track of your Daily Productivity? A person who recently became one of my coaching clients shared her story about lost time on Facebook as she was exploring a quality coach to work with.

She would check email and Facebook the first thing every single morning and the next thing she knew three hours would be gone! Lost forever!

To my knowledge there is not a wearable to help you track what you should be working on and what you should not be working on. However, by working with a coach and designing a method of working which is highly productive and utilizes your time to the maximum, now that is a great start!

My new client is completing her first assignment from me right now as she maps out what she is doing each day for a full week. Every fifteen minutes! What did you do? Have you ever tried this out?

You might take a try and you will be amazed or shocked at what you learn about yourself.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Are You Goal-less?

Are you goal-lessSome people are not interested in setting a goal. They tell me they do not want to write out their goals or talk about their goals. In case you are interested words that come to mind as the opposite of the word goal are: aimlessness, avoidance, heedlessness, negligence, purposelessness and thoughtlessness. There may be more words.

This entire line of thinking is amazing to me. How can you not have at least one single goal? How are you going to hit the target when you are not aiming at the target? In fact you are saying “the target does not even exist!”

Taking this one step further, how are you going to measure your productivity or measure if what you might be working on is getting the results you wish to achieve without a clearly written out goal? How would you be able to take corrective action in time without the ability to effectively measure ongoing performance?

Let’s reel this back into a daily activity to prove the value of a small goal. Let’s assume you know you are going to attend a networking event where there may be anywhere from fifty to one hundred attendees. During the days prior to the event by taking the time to conduct some research, you should be able to figure out who will be attending this event.

Where the goal comes into play, is to set the goal to meet and speak with a specific list of twelve people in order to connect with them, and then to follow up to meet with them again one on one. If instead no time was spent conducting research and no time was spent analyzing beforehand and setting up a goal, there would be no certainty of what contacts might be made at this event at all.

Intentional relationship building is my name for this effort. It is networking with purpose and thought. This is not to say you cannot meet someone randomly. You may do exactly that and this person may turn out to become one of your best clients or referral sources – you never know. The point is to at the very least start out with plan and then take it from there with experience and knowledge.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

March Madness Creates Business Success

Each year there is the favorite storyline in the business section announcing the lost productivity in business during March Madness. For those who do not know, March Madness refers to the NCAA Basketball Tournaments for men and women that begin each year in March. There is a large group of teams that play each other through a defined bracket toward the ultimate Championship Game. The main draw is the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament. There are other tournaments for Division 2 teams, Division 3 teams, and invitational’s such as the NIT.

There are official studies conducted by real companies that go into great detail describing how their studies support their numbers of lost productivity in business. The numbers are staggering as some studies reflect $100 million to $200 million in lost productivity.

The standard comeback is, “Seriously, you don’t think your employees and workforce are on the internet at work for personal use anyway?” Let’s not explore this discussion. A leader of a company will set the tone and the culture of the work environment.

The larger the workforce is, the more difficult it becomes to place your leadership finger print across the organization. As part of normal business practice, a variety of workshops and seminars may be conducted to bring your teams together to work better with each other. Keynote speakers are brought in to inspire and motivate your employees at all levels of the organization. Why not take advantage of the opportunity where so many people are involved in selecting and predicting the winners in the tournament brackets?

Why not create an environment where this interest among many people in your workforce can be utilized to teach team building and bonding?

Rather than a three day retreat, or a team building workshop offsite, you might create bonding and team building experiences through game viewing lunches or group bracket selection parties. Have speakers around connecting the dots so the teaching moment is not lost. If this is a way of life, why not embrace and work with the flow of energy devoted to this activity? Why not help create an environment and a culture which people look forward to being a part of every single day?

Yes, your dissenting voices are being heard, “But we don’t all care about this nonsense! It is a sport. It’s just basketball! When are you, people going to grow up?”

In my next article the topic will be about creating support groups within your organization. So don’t worry…I’ve got you covered.

Are you interested in inspiring and motivating your employees and workforce? Are you ready to create the type of culture where people want to show up and give their best every day? Contact Mitch Tublin today,