A Success Model To Think About


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This article is about a success model to think about. Take the aspects of the story which you feel translate to your business. Believe me there is something in here for everyone.

Have you heard of SoulCycle? These are branded spinning studios where everything is about soul. You can learn more about them here.

First consider the sleek and clean look – white walls, their branded yellow colors on the bikes and other aspects of the studio. Of course the instructors wear black – more or less!

Oh and they are not instructors – they are rock star instructors who guide the riders. The wording does not call the locations spinning studios, instead – indoor cycling reinvented.

Let me stop here for one moment. Right now you should understand this is no fly by night business. This has been going on for over ten years and the following and demand is increasing not decreasing. Branding is well thought out across the board.

There are a number of class types which are all named Soul something and there is a description. A good amount of space and wording goes into great detail about how to purchase, reserve, wait list, cancel, switch and when traveling book at another location.

An offer is available for a 101 for those who wish to try it out.

Allow me to stop here for a moment. What is happening here is SoulCycle has in essence created their own language and culture. They have intentionally built this in order to form a community. In fact on their web site they have a place for their community to share and hang out. Peer pressure will keep people coming to workout. A community will bring people together for fun, support and a place to feel wanted.

Create relationships with people. Think marketing, branding, environment and culture.

The pricing is displayed right on the web site. The model utilized is buy a series of class units and the more you purchase the lower the cost is to you per class. A time limit is placed with each option. This is the reason a great amount of detail is given to how to reserve a bike, how to wait list, how to cancel and more. The 101 is a low cost item to allow a newbie to sample the goods. Consider for a moment how this type of pricing structure might fit into your business model. There isn’t any small type or hidden secrets. Everything is out in the open and described in great detail.

In summary, take a look at your business model, read through these examples again, see where a few changes in your branding, marketing and community building might make all the difference in the soul of your business. Would you like to have some help with it?

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Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, coach, trainer and speaker who is based in Stamford, CT.

‘Paleo-ing’ Your Business and Career Is the Key Ingredient for Your Success

Dr. Patty AnnBy Dr. Patty Ann – www.drpattyann.com
This article was featured on Huffington Post

Eating “paleo” refers to consuming foods eaten by man during the Paleolithic Era, i.e., meat, vegetables, fruits, sugars and other natural foods found in nature. All processed foods are considered a “no no” and are banished from your diet.

This back to basic approach of consuming only foods found in nature has been embraced by millions of people and is currently all the rage. Of course, like many things, the paleo way of eating is not without its controversy due to its ban on white flour and many of our other beloved carbohydrate filled comfort foods such as cookies, bread, cakes, etc.; nevertheless, many nutritional experts applaud it as a common sense approach to healthy eating.

So what could paleo eating and success in your business and career possibly have in common?

Actually – pretty much everything. Approaching your career/business from a back to basic, natural common sense approach is vital to your success. Yes, professional knowledge and modern technology will also key components to your success – make no mistake about it – all the latest and greatest gadgets and technological advances will be absolutely meaningless if you lose sight of what is at the very heart of your business/career – and that is your client – and your ability to build a healthy trusting relationship with them! As Stephen Covey said: All Success Begins With Relationships! 

Following are 3 “paleo-like” ways to nurture the core of your success on a daily basis – and it is much more about who you are than about what you know.

1. Authenticity – whatever you do – it is imperative you are authentic and genuine. Show up in a real and genuine way. Don’t fake being anything you aren’t because it will only be a matter of time before you are exposed for whom you really are -and your lack of authenticity will come back to haunt you in both obvious and not so obvious ways!

2. Collaborate with others. Although you alone are responsible for meeting your professional objectives and ultimately – your success; it is imperative you remember it is NOT all about you! Collaborate with others and remember that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

3. Character and Integrity must be an integral part of not only what you do- but who you really are! The golden rule applies here: i.e., treat others with the same respect and courtesy that you would like to be treated with. Not only will this make you likeable (and yes, it matters a lot if people like you), it will help you build a positive rapport with others. Approaching every aspect of your life with character and integrity provides you with the added benefit of building authentic relationships based on trust. No one wants to do business with anyone they don’t trust!

In the final analysis, we are all ultimately responsible for our own success; however, no one has ever achieved success on their own. Therefore, as Paleolithic man survived by eating natural foods, so to will your business and career not only survive – but also thrive – if you show up in a genuine manner, collaborate and help others without worrying about what’s in it for you – and live your life with the utmost integrity and character. Because when all is said and done – the good guy – and gal – will prevail!

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Where Do You Measure Up On Commitment?

commitmentWhen running our own business we have to set priorities. Let’s assume we all buy into that statement. If not, leave a comment and the article on that topic will be sent out, and quickly. The point of bringing up priorities is commitment. When we each make a commitment to either do something, or be somewhere, or meet with someone, or follow up on one item or another – do we always follow up on our commitment and do it?

Let’s explore a bit deeper into this topic when someone does not follow through on their commitment.

First – we have all had this happen, someone says to us, “Of course I would be happy to…”   Whatever the rest of the sentence is you fill in the blank.  For  example it might be anything such as: “…introduce you to the CEO over at…” OR “…yes I am a member there and will absolutely invite you to one of our gatherings…” Then what takes place is nothing. You might even follow up with the person. You might even meet with them or see them again at a networking event. Yet sadly, nothing is mentioned regarding the previously stated commitment.

Second – have we made an error in assuming we had built a relationship with someone? The relationship building must come first. This takes place through interaction, communication and sharing some time with each other. A relationship will absolutely be created faster with in person contact and communication and take longer when the contact is over the phone or through the use of texting or the internet.

Third – did we participate in creating a feeling within the other person that they were being backed into a corner to make an offer and really did not have any intention of following through. They just wanted us to go away? “How do I get out of this?” They are thinking to themselves.

Fourth – if we were the person in the previous situation – have we ever made a commitment and then not followed through? Why did we do that?

In summary, a commitment should only be made when we are prepared to follow through. Period. End of story. If you put something out there take care of it.  If not then keep your mouth shut.

If you are seeking favor from someone and you do not have the relationship built with them yet, focus on building the relationship first. Build the relationship in full authenticity not because all along you know at some point you are going to ask for a favor.  This is not at all what is being suggested. The point is do not ask for favor when it is based upon nothing other than you asking and your hope the person is in a charitable mood. What this does is you are viewed as a charity case and more often than not if the commitment is made and they have not read this article you will never hear from them again anyway!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.