Flowers Need To be Watered How About You And Your Business

Relax, Renew and Grow is my theme for writing this month.

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Here is one of my challenges – this summer, more than any other summer, in my recent memory, there are more quality networking events and gatherings during the summer months of July and August.

My calendar is filling up so quickly I must set aside time this weekend and plan when the time for Relax, Renew and Grow will take place this month! How about you?  Are you filling up your calendar this summer with work first or your Relax, Renew and Grow time first?

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Vacation Means Renew and Create Balance

Vacations - Life Balance

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Do you have a strategy in place for when you will take your vacations?

Do you feel your business will not survive if you are not there every single minute?

Oh my! That is right it is the U.S. these are bad words! And did I see an ‘s’ at the end. What do you mean vacationS? Corporate America says you get two weeks and good luck trying to use them.

Let’s get really serious okay, do you know in Europe and nearby Europe you are expected to take your vacation weeks. Yes, weeks. A number of countries practically shut down in August as everyone is off for the entire month. It is not uncommon for most employees to have six weeks of vacation. If you do not take your weeks you actually have a poor assessment in your annual review. Imagine!

Now you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur and you must take the time to renew and chill out so you may come back rested and full of great ideas to work on! It is the perfect time to create balance in your life. Create some space in your calendar a few times a year to take some time away, without the PDA, without the cell phone, without answering the emails every time they come in.

Set the expectation within your team that you want to hear where they are going on their vacations. Create a vacation calendar so everyone may place their time away across the days or weeks. Foster the belief system in your team that this is expected behavior. Watch what this does for your team performance.

Are you a person with a family, a spouse and children – this is the perfect time to reconnect if you have been out of balance and working long hours. If you are single use this opportunity to either connect with friends and take a trip together or go off somewhere and let your self explore whatever you wish to explore.

This month Life Balance has been the main topic. There is nothing like a great vacation experience to bring you back into balance with yourself and to recognize how important it is to have Life Balance on our mind every single day.

If you wish to create a plan to have Life Balance in your life and business on your terms, book your Strategic Business Breakthrough Session today.