Embrace Change for Your Business Success

What is it about change that is so difficult for us?

Let’s try this out today. If you wear a watch on your wrist, take the watch off and move it over to your other wrist. Leave your watch there for the rest of the day. You know that you physically moved your watch from one wrist to the other. However, whenever you want to check out what time it is today, you will first take a look at the wrist without the watch on it throughout the entire day. You know you made the change moving your watch from the wrist where you always wear it to the other wrist and you still take a look.

Why do we do that?

The human brain works in very specific ways. The physical recognition of moving the watch does not necessarily communicate the move to the behavior part of the brain. This will take place over time with repeated activity.

There are terms such as “We are creatures of habit” or “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and more. There is some thread of truth woven into these statements. The fact is, we are all the sum of the actions we take each and every day. In order to effectively put into place new habits, which will create lasting change, there is a requirement that we put effort into the activity. When the habits we intend to create are for change toward growth and place us on the path toward the fulfillment of our dreams even more effort is required.

This is due to outside influences who want us to remain as we are and as they know us. It is not to hold us back. It is that when we grow and when we change our habits, our friends, acquaintances and family notice we are different in their eyes. This brings them some level of discomfort. We must work toward assuring them we are on our correct path, or distance ourselves from them until we are comfortable enough not to be sidetracked off of our formulation of new habits and creating positive change within ourselves. This is not to say we should move out of town! It is to say, to avoid the long and deep conversations where negative input is placed upon us which might influence us.

When you are running your own business with a team, or you are an entrepreneur running your own business alone, the ability to embrace positive change and to be able to formulate your internal plan to make this part of your personal fingerprint will be one of the most valuable skills you should acquire.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who lives in Stamford, CT.