You Have a Choice to Make, What Will You Decide?

BusinessDo you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? You, like me, probably fell down a few times before you finally stayed up and actually rode the bicycle for a bit. What is it that helped you, in fact, made you determined to get back on the bicycle and try again after falling off?

Here are a few thoughts. Read these and then write down the reasons you think of:

  • You have seen others ride their bicycles, possibly your older brother or sister. Maybe one or more of your friends.

  • You had a great ‘coach’ or teacher working with you to instill the confidence in you that you could do it. The mechanics of riding a bicycle are a great example for how a coach should work. The reason is you must be the one to do it. The coach cannot step in and do it for you.

  • The coach is there to support you and instill confidence in you. Asking you, what is working and what is not working to help you make the right decisions for yourself? What else is special and is a great teaching moment regarding riding a bicycle? Once you ride a bicycle, and know how to ride a bicycle, you always know how to ride a bicycle! Let’s consider how this is important for you in your business success.

  • The creation of habits that are learned, repeated and built upon, are critical for building a successful business.

  • If you need to go from here to there, you can get up on a bicycle and go from here to there, anywhere, wherever you are, you would be able to do it. Translate this to your business. Are you building the flexibility into your business process where you are able to conduct business wherever you are?

Take a moment and review these items. Take some notes. Where do you need to take some actions steps right now and make a few decisions, which will bring you, closer to this type of thinking in your business? Building a business built for success requires that you do this, do it right now.

There are a few people who will make these decisions and map out their actions steps right now. Many more will not do anything. Which group are you in? Which group is made up of the business owners, who will be successful at whatever they choose to do?

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