Give Blood For Business Success

Business SuccessThe first thing you are asked to do when you are making your appointment for your annual physical with your physician is to set up an appointment a week or so prior to have your blood drawn and tests run on your blood. Why is this so important?

The results of your blood tests are like looking at the inner roadmap of your body. Through years of research and testing there are normal bands or ranges where your test results should report into to be considered normal. In addition, certain results when compared to other results, even within the normal ranges may reflect a pattern. This may result in further testing, questioning, or possibly something to monitor over a period of time. Okay Doc, we didn’t realize we searched online for WEBMD. What gives here?

You are correct, this is not an article on medical advice, tips and tricks for your health!

The point is, our body is amazing! The fact that our blood will be able to signal us to potential problems or current problems is simple and important. If we do not take the blood test and we do not work with our physician to review the results, even though the ability to conduct this work and find out the results exists, we will not have the information. In order to take advantage of the science we must take an action.

How about our road toward success in our business? Each of us measures what we refer to as success in different ways. There are typical areas where the ability to achieve some level of success will clearly be moving in the correct direction or not. Where are we making assumptions that no review or expert opinions are necessary in our business?

A few areas might be customer acquisition, marketing, internet presence, personal growth, staffing, branding, and there is much more. Where do you begin? Isn’t it annoying when someone answers a question with a question? To answer the question ‘where do you begin?’ let’s consider a comparison: If the blood work is able to signal there may be issues to look into further and take corrective action for our physical body, what would be similar to that for our business?

Is the answer cash flow? Sales? Without cash flow and without sales we will not stay in business for long. This might be the place to begin. If you have an ongoing business which has some level of cash flow and customers, how are these trending compared to where your vision of success for your company resides?

The best way to work through this analysis is to bring in an expert to review the results and determine where you are now. Together begin to work on action steps to take in order to move in the right direction.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Is Anyone Selling?

Business SuccessWhen we go online to make a purchase or go to a store live and in person, are we buying exactly what we need and want to purchase, or are we sold to and then we buy?

Recently at a workshop for people seeking to enhance their career, or to find a job, the audience was asked if anyone was in sales. Only one or two in the room of thirty raised their hands. Then they were asked how this is possible. Aren’t you selling the most important product in your life? Yourself? They were told (understand this now) “You are all in sales!”

The process of selling is going on all around each of us all day long, every single day.

These two examples are looking at this from two different viewpoints. You may agree or not at your own risk. Just recognize that you are always being sold to and in your life you are selling something every day as well.

Maybe you are still not convinced? Why were companies willing to spend over three million dollars for a thirty second ad during the Super Bowl broadcast this year?

In order to move forward let’s agree that selling is important to the growth and success of your business. How much time each day do you spend selling? Please understand the question, not networking, not typing into social media. The question is how much time each day do you spend selling?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are spending a huge amount of their time on social media or creating a new website. This is not to say this is a valuable item to spend time on or not. It is to say that these activities are not the act of selling. The act of selling is actually engaging in the conversation to close a deal, or through a cash register, or online merchant account, actually ringing up the transaction. Certainly there is a sales process which precedes this final action. How much time do you have scheduled in your day to sell?

A number of people would rather consider the color schemes for their website or the right options for the design of their logo than to undertake the structured sales process necessary to be effective. There is nothing wrong with conducting a sales process. The sooner you develop the style and method which feels most comfortable to you, the sooner you will be on your way to running a successful, thriving business.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who lives in Stamford,CT.

World Cup 2010 Not A Sports Story Here

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is, for the majority of the world, the sports event of their lives, until the next one.
You have to listen in for at least a few minutes of one of the broadcasts. Take a minute right now if you have not listened to a game or part of a game yet. Do you hear that humming? It almost sounds like you are in the hive.
These are the vuvuzela being blown into to make this noise. The games go on and on for at least 90 minutes plus injury time. All the time the vuvuzela are blowing.
Sports story ends onto the analogy – this humming noise is similar to buzz going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur. When you are starting out on your new business venture you have so many ideas spinning around in your head. Which is the right one?  If you are established in your business, how do you grow it?
Next you are thinking about the marketing and the sales.  Look at these products or methods of marketing maybe I should buy some of these?
Did you even set up your business properly you wonder as you fall asleep at 2 AM? Maybe your business needs to be online? Isn’t that where everyone is taking their business now. How do I do that? You start to call a webmaster.
You don’t even know what you want in a web site and you are considering plunking down $5 grand for a webmaster.

If you are established in your online business already possibly you are considering hiring an online business manager.

Mmmm? What exactly is that person going to cost me?  You spend more time thinking about what restaurant for going out to dinner and yet you might make these decisions without considering how they fit into your plan and strategy for your business.   Humming and buzzing sounds going on in the inner mind of the entrepreneur.
The point here is this – do yourself a favor. Quiet the noise in your head and work with a coach, a mentor someone who knows the options and will guide you through the process. Someone who will ask you questions, get you to think and plan a strategy first before you start to hire people and spend money without a clear plan and a strategy. A great indication if your coach or mentor is the right person is who do they work with? Who are their coaches and mentors? You will benefit greatly from the knowledge they gain from their continued growth.
Let me ask you my fellow entrepreneurs – what questions are buzzing around in your head?