How Do You Get So Much Done?

How Do You Get So Much Done?When we meet or see others who are just rocking it, and getting so much done, we ask ourselves one question: How do you get so much done? After all we all have the same amount of time don’t we?

Prioritize. The answer is the ability to prioritize! Yes, time management skills are important to have and to utilize. However, without the ability to prioritize, time management skills and tools will not be of any assistance at all.

Another important area many of us know about is goal setting. Real goal setting where a timeline is established and there is accountability involved. Even with perfect goal setting established, without the action of prioritizing, goal setting alone will not make the

Being part of a high level Mastermind Group is also an excellent way to move forward and to soar above everyone else. The selection of the right group is critical. This process begins with who the person is that runs the group and then who are the other participants. A solid Mastermind Group permits exponential growth as it is the combined minds who are at work all for each other. Extremely powerful and yet, without setting your priorities it is not enough.

Okay Mitch, we get it! What does it mean already to set priorities?

It may be as simple as the following – every single day I will see my family and my kids and tell them at least one time I love them. After this, the single highest priority on my daily agenda will be the one thing which must be done. Maybe it is to spend thirty minutes on a new project. Maybe it is to spend sixty minutes mentoring three employees.

What is the one thing each day which must be done that day?

Once this is established and written out, what is the second thing which must be done that day? Go through the process. Write it out. One more time, what is the third thing which must be done today? Go through the process. Write it out.

Absolutely nothing else is to take your focus or priority off of the three items you have written out as your daily priorities.

Are you interested in more priorities for each day? Go for it. Just remember, each must be completed in order that day and nothing else may get in the way – nothing else.

Warning for you – this is not easy to accomplish. Care to try it out? Give yourself a month or more to establish how many priorities you are able to handle each day. Let me know how you make out.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.