A Smile Goes a Mile for Business Success

Here we were in a deep conversation; the two of us had just met up at a holiday cocktail party. Another person walked by who neither of us had seen that night either. As we said hello to each other, he looked at me smugly and asked, “So, what are you smiling at?”

My friend and I were taken aback. I stated, “Well let’s see, we are at this great party, held for a good cause (we bring two unwrapped toys to the party and this is our entrance fee, the toys are given to a local charity for distribution to young children who otherwise would have no gifts) and we are among friends and we live in the greatest country in the world, I think these are all worth smiling about.”

It was clear he was just not happy. He was wearing it on his sleeve and he said good bye.

The party only began a few hours earlier.

Here is the question – Why did he even bother to attend? If this is how he was going to show up?

When we are out and about, we are networking. It is always important and especially so this time of year, you must be openly warm. Have a smile on your face. You do not have to be the life of the party, just show up and be happy.

Now you might say, “I just can’t do it time after time.” Here is the thing, at this time of year you have the ability to meet with more people at one location than any other time of the year, except the July 4th Bar-B-Que. A smile is infectious. People remember the smile as coming from someone who is secure and doing well.

Here are a few things you might do in order to feel better if for some reason you are just not ‘in the mood’.

  • Have your hair done or gents, get a haircut
  • Buy a new blouse or a new shirt to wear to the event
  • Before you head out brush your teeth or rinse with mouth wash
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror
  • Most of all, don’t worry, be happy, seriously

Think of it this way. If everyone recalls who was at the party that they would want to meet with again to discuss business or to refer to each other, would you want to meet with the happy person who was smiling and friendly? Or the grouchy person who had nothing good to say to anyone and left the party early?

Have a wonderful Holiday with your Family and Loved Ones!

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