Do You Want To Be Like The 2012 Olympic Medal Winner in Your Business Category?

What makes an Olympic Champion? If you are watching the 2012 Olympic Games on NBC, the NBC Networks, on other broadcasts or on the internet, you have to be awed and amazed by the performances. Consider the levels of competition these athletes have passed through to even arrive and compete at the 2012 Olympic Games. The differences between the medal winners and those not in the medal rounds are not as large as you might think. We all see and celebrate the medal winners as we should.

What is the separation point, the significant attribute that sets the Gold medal winner at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games apart from the bronze medal winner?

Let’s begin with the coaching. Every single athlete has a coach. Even on the team sports, many of the individuals have their own coach. For Example – a futbal or soccer team is made up of a number of players. The goalie might have their own coach specific to goal keeping. In the case of Michael Phelps, he and his swim coach, Bob Bowman, have been working together for over fifteen years.

“A coach is able to bring out the best in someone.” – Mitch Tublin

 Next we should review who you train with. It is the rare Olympic caliber athlete who trains alone. You may have read or heard this quote from Jim Rohn:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Stated another way, you might think of this as:

“…who you spend time with, will either positively or negatively directly influence who you eventually become.”

Is it any wonder that the athletes who aspire to become Olympic Champions choose to train with other athletes with a similar aspiration?

“Each of us has much to learn from and to offer to others.” – Mitch Tublin

The next subject should be: Where do you train? One story during the 2012 Summer Olympics was about a gymnast who moved in with a host family for a number of years in order to work out with a specific coach, with other specific gymnasts, in a specific geographical area.

“To what lengths are you willing to go to achieve the success you desire?” – Mitch Tublin

These are the initial and foundational decisions made to permit the process to even start. The question to ask yourself is this: Are you making the initial and foundational decisions which will permit you to achieve the success you desire in business and life?

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