Ready To Jump Ship?

Ready To Jump Ship? Are you in a position, known as a job, and you are thinking, “I have this idea, this passion, to do XYZ, time keeps moving and I just need to leave this J – O – B, and go do it!”. Are you thinking this thought right now? And how often do you think this thought? Good for you for thinking.

It is great that you have a drive and a passion inside of you. Numerous people are just floating. The topic of floating is an entire article to be published in a major publication to be released soon. A word of caution – take heed. Create a plan. If possible have a partner or another person to conduct your new venture with. Together work on a plan. Specific actions items and dates attached. Work with an experienced coach to bring accountability and to ask you both questions which will push you and bring about enlightened thinking.

Initially complete as much of the foundation items as possible before leaving your job. The job is bringing in income. Your new venture must show the ability to replace that income before you leave your job. What exactly does this mean? It will mean different things for different people depending upon their overhead and their monthly budget.

One item it does mean for everyone is to prove that your concept will be one that people are willing to pay money for. You may be offering a service or a product. It cannot be created in a bubble. You must know, for a fact, if people will pay for the service or the product. For certain people, which is likely the majority, an income stream must be seen from the new business venture prior to exiting their job. In the planning process dream big – on paper!  Begin to map out the growth plan you are shooting for and by when.

You may be thinking, “Mitch, seriously, why?” It is critical to conduct this activity now as this will form the basis for certain items which must be completed sooner than later. One item might be to set up the proper business entity by working with a CPA and a lawyer. The same for the banking relationship. If your path for growth is slower, it is possible that you will want to wait a little longer before taking these steps. Either way it is wise to speak with a CPA and a lawyer about your plans early on in the process.

In summary, don’t jump ship without a plan and a strategy. If you do not know how to create one contact me. We will work together so you have what you need to follow your passion.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Honey I’m Falling and I Can’t Get Up

Ever have that feeling that you are spiraling in a downward spin and just cannot get it to stop?  Let’s back track a bit to a time before you felt this way.

Do you attend networking events? Do you network?

At this point, we must address anyone who may have said ‘no’ to both questions.
It does not matter what your business is, you are networking or exposed to a networking opportunity every single day, multiple times a day, unless you live in a cave.

Networking is simply meeting people. You meet, and you engage in a conversation.

You offer to learn how you might be of service to the person you are speaking with. If the ‘be of service’ wording blows your mind, than think, ‘help this person achieve their goals for no other purpose than to be helpful’. Are you still with me? Networking is really nothing more than this exact definition. There are more formal networking events and less formal networking events. Just keep in mind the definition above and you will always be memorable and a great networker.

An additional item for you to add to your networking skill set, which as shocking as it sounds  99% of all ‘networkers’ forget to do, is to follow up. Follow up with the people you meet. Confirm you understood how you might be able to help them.
Make the connection or the introduction for them. Follow up that the two parties connected.

You know you want to obtain more customers, more clients, sell more and grow your business. This is the same agenda for everyone else who is in a business. The way to differentiate yourself is to give. Offer to become the connector. Become the hub.
Be memorable. Be the person who when people say “I need to meet someone who…”
everyone points to you and says “Oh just ask, connector over there, she knows everyone.”

You may be thinking now, “Okay, so how do I get business out of this?”
The answer is to give it time. Keep acting this way and strive to live this way.
You will begin to see the referrals soon enough. If you should have a time of need where you are spiraling in a downward spin, you may just find your network will be there to pick you up.

Are you ready to network like a pro? Work with expert Executive Coach Mitch Tublin today to craft the necessary networking skills needed in today’s business environment,

Cure Your PAS to Have a Successful Business

Are you stricken by PAS? Pompous Ass Syndrome? Read this article, Distinguished doctor charged with stealing candy at Stamford theater, and come back to see if you or someone you know has it.

There is really no room in a business for PAS. In fact, life is too short in all aspects to deal with folks who are stricken with PAS. Hopefully they will recognize it, or someone will share this article with them and they will take control and begin corrective remedies.

Recently a very successful entrepreneur and good friend of mine shared a story with me about how great Seth Godin is live. While we were speaking she said, “OMG, Mitch you would love him, he is so down to earth and available, you know he is not at all pompous like some folks get…”

What does this mean exactly – like some folks get? Here is the thing and it is so important it must be said: We are all unique and have great gifts. The fact that some have achieved notoriety, fame, and monetary rewards does not make them rise above the human race. It is when they begin to behave in such a way, as if they have risen above the human race, that we must really consider why we should have anything at all to do with them.

This is one reason why taking the time, right in the beginning, to create in writing, your business strategy is so important. This is not your financial plan or your business plan, although they may be included. It is where you define your big, long-term vision, your mission, and your plan on how you will achieve these. When you write these down and keep them in front of you and refer to them often, the odds of you forgetting who you are and where you are heading and why are less likely to occur.

For Example: Is one of your goals for creating a successful business enterprise to contribute to a certain charitable organization? Have the description of the charity work they do in front of you as well. Remind yourself of this aspect of your mission every single day.

Networking Not Working or is it Your Business Strategy?

Do you return from networking events and wonder why you spent the time, the effort and often the money (if there was a fee to attend) when you are not obtaining clients, new business or quality contacts?  Are you feeling like your networking is not working?

Starbucks - Networking Strategy

Flickr - marcopako

Let us assume that you are attending the right events to network with your ideal client niche or the people who will be able to connect you with your ideal client.

Do you have a favorite place you enjoy going to? This may be a local bar, a favorite restaurant, even your local Starbucks? When you go there now are you recognized? For example, your name is used when people say hello or the bartender has your exact beverage for you as you enter the room, or at the counter at Starbucks your exactly and specifically Starbucks Language beverage is recited with the question added at the end “correct, the usual?”

Here is my question for you – do you recall the very first time you were there? The first time, no one knew your name, no one knew you drank a Blue Sapphire Gin and tonic with a lime, no one at Starbucks knew you wanted a double latte, skim milk, low foam.

The point here is this, networking is the same way.

  • You must have a consistent presence.
  • You must create the relationships.
  • You must follow up and engage.

Some of these items may sound familiar to you.  Hopefully you will now create the habits that work for networking like a pro.  Here are a few more tips for you so you may grow into the networker you want to become.

Determine the categories of people you are meeting. Make this a game for yourself. You might say to yourself, there are people I definitely know are my ideal clients, there are people I definitely know who are not my ideal clients and then there is everyone else.

Begin to track after your networking events who you meet and which category you placed them into. How many of the ideal clients you met are you actively meeting and engaging to create a relationship?  Caution – this is not placing the person on your newsletter list or auto-generated email list; it is actively meeting in person or speaking on the phone.

From your category of people you are certain they are not your ideal client, how many of them know your ideal client profile and what you do?  What if their brother or sister, co-worker or best friends are your ideal clients?  How will they know?  How will you know?  Do you have a strategy to connect with these people you know are not your ideal clients to let them know more about you?

Whatever the categories are you create, track who is where and track what you are doing to further the relationship. You may find more clients are coming from the referral from the group of ‘not my ideal clients’.  How will you know if you are not creating the categories and tracking?

Are you ready to take your networking skills to the next level?

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Strategy For Growing My Business Last Night

Business Accountant - Networking StrategyMy strategy for growing my business last night was to attend a networking event.  Here is a story I heard about and witnessed first hand. Stephanie is a CPA and is just opening up her own private practice – about three months ago. She has always worked for larger organizations in their accounting or tax departments. When Stephanie learned of the networking event, she knew this was something she needed to do and at the same time she was scared to death of being surrounded by people she did not know.

She decided to call up Nicole who had opened up her own beauty salon in town about two years ago. From what Stephanie heard, Nicole had a great network and her beauty salon was doing well. Stephanie had lost touch with Nicole since she left the larger Beauty Salon to open her own two years ago. The conversation went something like this:

“Hello Nicky’s Beautiful Ladies, how may I help you?”

“Hi, is Nicole there, this is Stephanie”

“Hi, yes, this is Nicole.”

“Hi, Nicole, you might not remember me, I knew you from the Big Old School Beauty Shop.”

“Oh sure sweetie, two color process treatments, highlights, and the bangs in the front and long but neat everywhere else.”

“Yes, Wow.”

“So, what’s new, need an appointment?”

“Oh, no, I was just calling about a meeting tonite at 5 and…..”

“Oh, well, sorry, I am so booked every night until at least 8.”

“But, I thought you run your own business now?”

“I do and the customers want the times from 4 to 8 so I give them what they want, say, I have to run, you take care, come in and try us out some time.”

And Nicole was off the line.

Stephanie was in shock.  Not certain why.

She decided to text her friend Marcia who is a nurse at General Hospital. Just a quick text to see if Marcia would go with her to the networking event. Marcia said she was done at 4 PM and would enjoy catching up with Stephanie. Marcia and Stephanie met and went to the networking event. They secured a table in the corner and enjoyed the free food and beverages and spent over two hours talking and catching up with each other.

What do you see going on in this story? Do you see the missed opportunities staring Stephanie in the face? Do you see the errors in her business networking strategy? Do you see some of yourself in this story?

*Please note personal and business names have been changed to protect their innocence.

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Strategy You Use For Networking For Business

What strategy do you use for networking for business? Okay, seriously, please don’t tell me you don’t have one! This does not have to be difficult. It is as easy as saying to yourself, “Self, today I am going to meet five new people and engage them in a conversation that will end with a call to action.” Wow, you did it!

Of course what we are really seeking here is a bit more formal, like at least write this down and then at the end of the day write down who you met and what is the call to action, hopefully a date and a time to meet for a serious conversation.

Here are a few thoughts for you in structuring a strategy for your networking:

Write down where you go each day in a given week or month ahead of time.

How many people would you reasonably be able to engage in a conversation, even briefly, at each location?

Record all of this information and make this your intention each day as you are out and about.

A few of you might say, well I network on Facebook and twitter from home. This will be addressed in another blog soon and it is really great you network in the social media realm. The networking being discussed here is face-to-face networking. The type of networking which will build your business faster than any other type of networking you may invent.

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