Who Are You Spending Most Of Your Time With?

Building strong relationshipsReally, think about it and write down their names. Who are you spending most of your time with? Are you being challenged, stretched, held accountable?

In setting up the topic for this article allow me to reference a previous writing of mine.

In the article: https://easysmallbusinesssolutions.com/do-you-do-it-alone/

One of the topics discussed was around highly competitive athletes. Here is a portion:

“In fact the top twenty to thirty people are all putting in the training regimen, the workout, the practice time, the diet – so what is it that differentiates the top three or one from the rest? It is their mental approach. How they handle their performance under extraordinary pressure time and again, over and over. Plus, how they approach their training regimen, their workout, their practice time, their diet – the mental approach they bring to these efforts each day as well.

This is the great separator. The example is for highly competitive athletes, however, it is the same in the world of business, start-ups, entrepreneurs and politics! No different.”

The article moves on to discuss the importance of building a strong team around you. Another important item to note is who you are hanging out with or more specifically who are the top three to five people you are spending the majority of your time with. Are they each approaching or exceeding the competitive nature of whatever you are all involved in at the same level or more? How would this add to your mental approach?

Jim Rohn, the entrepreneur and motivational speaker, said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It is my suggestion you take into consideration what your goals are and what is the vision you see for yourself? You must, absolutely must, find the people to spend time with who will challenge you, stretch you, or even hold you accountable. You want these people to be of a similar mindset to yours, however, some may be more advanced on their path than you are at this time. This is not a requirement – in fact – even better, might be that each one of you have an area of expertise that is higher than anyone else’s in that specific item – again not a requirement.

The mindset is key – that each person is driven and competitive in order to achieve their vision of where they intend to go in their life and in their business. Consider the following statement from the classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill –

“When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.”

Let’s look at a few options of how you might move ahead with locating and obtaining agreement from the people you want to be able to spend more of your time with. We will look at two methods, however, certainly there may in fact be numerous other methods available for you to try out. The first method is to list the names of the people you would want to be one of your four or five people and then begin to reach out to them.

A second method is to be clear on your own vision and what you intend to achieve. Then locate a group, such as a Mastermind Group, run by a professional who has been trained and certified by the best in the business of leadership and communication. The people who participate in this group will highly likely be the exact type of people you will want to spend most of your time with. Interested in joining a Mastermind Group such as this type run by Mitch Tublin CLICK HERE.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.