Time to be a Success in Business and Life

How do you and time get along with each other? The meaning of this question is do you schedule your day around the projects, phone calls and appointments with time limits? Or do you just let your day run on its own?

When you have a meeting with someone, or you are attending a networking event or function, are you the one who arrives early, on time, a bit late, or you completely forget about the meeting or event until the next day? These are real categories based upon actual admissions from new clients. Which category do you most often fit?

In the process of planning and striving to grow a business built for success, do you set a time and date as a deadline for you and your team to aim for in order to complete a project?  You may have heard me previously ask you to examine  larger companies and organizations to learn from them. Learn from their positive methods and their mistakes.

Some years ago when IBM began their consulting practice arm of their business, do you think they just decided, “Okay, let’s just try this consulting stuff and see how it goes?” Or do you think IBM determined where they were going to achieve consulting business and then set time and date parameters in order to be able to measure their progress? Today, years later, the consulting side of IBM is their highest revenue producing part of the company.

In your business the setting of a time and a date are critical to getting anything done. This is the way to build one project completion with another project starting, which is dependent upon the first one being completed. The ability for your team and you to be able to point to a date and a time is the way to energize people to put in the effort, implement, test, and complete what work is necessary to achieve the completion on time.

Time is a tool. Time will keep on going. Time is a constant. Time utilized correctly adds accountability and the ability to measure to the equation. In the bigger picture and the larger vision, the element of time will excite and inspire people. Which statement would interest you more?

“We will become the premier provider of…in the next 12 months!”


“Someday we will become the top provider of…maybe even in five years or so.”

Spend the time to create a relationship with time. Time should become your friend. Do this right now. Calendar in the following and confirm these appointments –

1.  If you are married, schedule a date and a time for a night out, one night each week, in the next four weeks just the two of you. No business calls or checking email. If you are not married, substitute with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. If you have parents, schedule a date and a time to visit with them. One day they will be gone and you will wish you did this more often.

3. If you have children, whatever age they are, schedule a date and a time to speak with them on the phone or meet with them if they are nearby, or to play with them if they are younger and at home. No business, no phone calls. This time is for just you and your child, without any distractions.

4. Get into the habit of doing 1, 2, and 3 more often. Now run your business the same way.

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