Three Basic Ways to Build a Successful Business

SuccessHave you ever hired a consultant or a coach, and you wanted to really start out with a clean slate and from the ground level? Then once you begin your work together, the actual work you are doing together has you on chapter five in your business and you do not even know for certain the title or what the book is about?

Sometimes you might see this in an article where the author states, “Let’s start with some business basics…” The next thing you know, the article is discussing the use of websites to represent your business properly, buying advertising and possibly how to utilize the internet in order to most effectively grow your business.

These topics are certainly important to any business owner. The point here is these are not business basics. These are advanced subjects for many business owners. You must begin with the basics in mind when you are building a business built for success. This holds true when you are conducting a review of where you are in your business today compared to where you want to be in your business in the future.

This is the type of discussion which might easily move into the realm of “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” This is especially true when the topic moves over to sales and marketing. Here is the point, when we begin with the basics we are not even up to sales and marketing yet!

The first and most basic item is, what business are you in? Some people say they either service or supply whatever they do, for everyone and anyone. The definition of what business you are in is, to define clearly what it is you supply and service and to whom?

For Example:

“We sell HIPA compliant software packages to physicians in private practice to help their back office work more efficiently.”

“We provide professional video solutions of high quality to bring your business attributes to life. We will help you to produce DVD’s and online videos to promote your business.”

You may note from these examples the value to the customer is stated as well as who you work with and what you do. Are you able to state clearly and cleanly in one or two sentences your answer to “What business you are in?”

The next basic item is the transaction value. Are there people or businesses that will pay for what you are selling or providing? This makes a difference to established business owners as well. If you have plans to grow your business or add new product lines or services to your business offerings you must conduct this analysis. For the new business owner you must conduct some surveys or beta tests. You may clearly see the value.

The question is – does anyone else see the value? For a non-profit organization the test might look slightly different. You would be asking potential donors if they resonate with your mission statement and would they contribute money to support your stated mission.

Lastly, in order to keep it simple, what are your resources and what are your projected costs? You may choose to hire a financial professional to assist you with this analysis. It is up to you. From my point of view this is something you should be able to start on a napkin in a diner. Once you know what your business is, who you will be working with, and what they will pay you – you start. Keep it simple and get going. Too many people are spending their entire lives dotting the ‘I’s’ and crossing the ‘T’s’.

It will never be perfect and you will never be ready. Just start.

Are there more items on the list? Absolutely! Another article might be coming soon with more basic tips for you. The promise here is to keep it simple and basic.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who lives in Stamford, CT.

Are You Building a Dam or Building a Successful Business?

Business SuccessA dam serves a purpose. Typically utilized for water, a dam holds the flow of water in such a manner as to create an entirely new landscape where water flowed freely previously. Now the water builds up and forms a lake, or a reservoir, as the dam stops the flow of the water. If we stop there and assess if this strategy would work or not, regarding your communication skills in building a successful business, what do you think?

The ability to build a business built for success is dependent upon the leader’s ability to communicate effectively. What is your business owner personality profile? When there are things that go wrong or you see something that is not done the way you want it to be, how do you handle the situation? Are you the type who just steps in and fixes whatever it is so it is done just right to your expectations? Then you do not take the opportunity to train or teach the people on your team about what you expect and what took place? Better yet, ask why it was done the way it was done and see if it is possible that this is a better or more efficient method than what you were looking for.

The person who typically holds back and let’s their dislikes for what they see become bottled up and ready to boil over, is a potentially toxic situation. One day everything will come spilling out and most likely without a meaningful or productive outcome for the business or the team; similar to a dam which forms a crack or a leak. The correct method of handling situations is to permit you to remain in a calm state. For some people this will mean you need a bit of time to reflect and assess before you react to a situation. For other people they have the ability to immediately react and offer feedback to their employee or team.

Each situation is unique. There will be certain instances when a one on one discussion would be the appropriate reaction. There will be other times when the entire team should be involved in the communication. You will know. Trust your instincts. If you have ever been called a ‘hot-head’ or ‘short tempered’ – odds are you are a candidate for waiting for a time period before reacting and giving some feedback.

Do you see yourself in this article? A quality business coach will be able to work with you on this exact issue. Contact Mitch Tublin today for an appointment and become the effective leader and communicator you want to be – or call 877-907-8223.

Success in Business Is Started With the Power of Numbers

The Power of NumbersThe power of numbers – Many would say businesses are built by concepts, products, services, sales, marketing and the discussion continues. A successful business is built by the power of numbers. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and effort by beginning with this formula as one of your foundational questions to answer.

Here are a few examples of why the power of numbers is the driving force behind building a successful business…

When you determine to start your business, if one of your goals is to earn one million dollars the first year, you might decide to build one product to sell to one customer for one million dollars. You might design a service to provide to one client or company for one million dollars. If this is the goal, the way the business is designed, the sales method, and the marketing strategy will need to be set up in such a way in order to meet this goal.

The one deal for one million dollars may seem way out of line. Is it really? There are now independent companies providing travel into outer space. Each of these companies is essentially built upon this exact model of setting up their business for success.

Still not convinced? Consider moving along the line of the power of numbers. An example might look like ten clients for one hundred thousand dollars each to build a successful business the first year to earn one million dollars. You might plan instead for one hundred clients where your price point is ten thousand dollars each. Each of these examples represents the power of numbers, as the entire business must be set up in such a way as to achieve these predetermined goals.

For someone in retail, the power of numbers absolutely does apply as well. One million items sold to one million people for one dollar each is still meeting the one million dollar goal mark for the year.

You might think of this as starting with the end in mind. If you determine where you intend to take your business and then come back into the present, it is much easier to determine what the real needs and requirements are in order to achieve the stated goal. It will become much easier to stay on track and to focus on what exactly must be done in order to meet the goal.

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Ways to Run a Successful Business All Year Long

Successful BusinessDo the seasons impact how you work or how your business functions?

Many businesses are impacted by seasonality in terms of the products they provide for sale. There are ways to even out seasonality for your business in the products for sale business, and the service provider business model.

If your business is a product for sale business you might consider one or all of these three options to even out your sales throughout the year:

1. If your specific product or product line is for a specific season, who are the customers who purchase your product? With this knowledge, what product would this same customer profile be interested in purchasing from you in the other seasons?

You should have your customer email addresses and possibly their mailing addresses. If you are not certain about their interests you might create an easy to respond to survey, to find out.

2. During the season when your typical product is not in demand, you might create a few unique marketing campaigns with incentives to create ‘off season’ purchases. Bundling your product with other products or packages during the off season would add even more interest to your marketing efforts.

3. Host a workshop or an event around your product line during the off season to assist your customers with learning more or adding value to them which would be in line with what you have for sale.

If you are in a service based business which is impacted by seasonality, for example a CPA firm comes to mind where tax preparation at certain times of the year is the crunch time and other times of the year are much slower, you might consider one or all of these three options to level out your business throughout the year:

1. Spend the time and effort to have all of your clients email address and mailing address. With their permission send a value added newsletter at least once a month to your clients. Create offers in your newsletter where your clients may be able to gain information from you on a regular basis in your area of expertise.

2.  Structure events or workshops with other service providers who your ideal client would have an interest in hearing from. These should always be scheduled during the slower time of the year for your service based business.

3.  Create an off season special, which you creatively market, that will begin the work with your clients, which will lessen the time constrained work during a busier time of the year.

These options listed are given to you not as a be all, know all, answer. It is to get you thinking how might this work for your business? You will likely find other options or add to these suggestions as best suits your specific situation.

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Every Successful Business Must Have a Marketing Plan

It is a fact that there are more marketing tools available which can reach more people in less time for less money than ever before in history. This does not absolve you from creating a sound marketing plan based upon the business goals and objectives you are seeking to reach. One area that a marketing plan must address is consistency. The marketing message must be consistent throughout and the color schemes and logos should have a thread of consistency. For a successful marketing plan in business there must be consistency. Think about how Apple has used their logo and simple design for branding and consistency. Most people recognize the little apple with the bite taken out of it.

Another great example of this is in the NCAA Division One College Football promotions and Game Day activities. Every team has a mascot. All teams have their basic color schemes. Each team has a specific logo on their helmets, usually on each side. The fans are instructed what color gear to wear to a game. This is regardless of the location of the game, home or away. A few examples are the ‘white out’ at Penn State, or this last weekend at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin. The Badgers hosted Nebraska and all of the fans in the stadium seemed to be wearing red.

What exactly is going on here? This is a well crafted marketing plan. Brand loyalty is being created. Fundraising activities thrive on this type of consistent behavior. The recruiting of new students and student athletes depends upon this type of behavior.

The size of your business, and whether or not your business model is a product based or service based, is important and should be considered in any marketing plan. The fact remains that in any type of business, the thread of consistency will go a long way to creating brand loyalty and brand recognition for you and your business. You want to be memorable in your messaging, your color schemes and your logo in all of your marketing.

If you have a business and your tired marketing plan is ready for a new set of eyes to ignite a fire in your customers, contact expert consultant Mitch Tublin here today.

Strategically Incorporate Life Balance into Your Business Strategy

Work-Life Balance

Image: Filomena Scalise /

This month I have been strategically speaking about and writing about Life Balance and the importance why having a balanced life is a critical part of your strategic thought process in planning and determining how you spend your time and construct your business. There is a secret aspect to living a balanced life style. It is something that really cannot be explained it just has to be experienced. Many of us, as entrepreneurs, are seeking the secret or the magic answer to the road to success. Living a balanced life is one of these secrets and here is why.

Once you fully embrace the other areas of your life, which are broader than work and family, you will find people who you will connect with. These are often people you otherwise would have never met. Or if you met at a standard ‘networking’ event you each may have had another persona out in front and may not have connected.

Now, let us say for example, you are both collecting tickets for the charity fundraiser; you are connecting in a different way. As the time together goes on taking the tickets you each learn about your families, why you volunteer, and what each of your businesses are about. Little did each of you know you are perfect clients for each other! OR connectors for each other! OR you each have a good client to immediately introduce to one another.

This is not why we choose to enter into a Life of Balance. It is the secret that reveals itself from embracing a balanced life! Make sense? Don’t believe this is true? I know personally how many people I have connected with in this manner. Just don’t go into the process seeking this secret. Allow it to happen and it will. The reasons for your Life Balance equation are personal and the rewards and benefits are for you and your family and your loved ones.  The rest will take care of itself.

A word of caution – In no way am I suggesting you ignore the practices necessary to run a successful business. You must have your focus, your strategy, your plan right in front of you all the time. Do not forget it.

If you wish to create a plan to have Life Balance in your life and business on your terms, book your Strategic Business Breakthrough Session today.